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Horseback riding With digital objects
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Myrtle and Rhi Holding Reins of Horses

This photograph shows Myrtle Philip and Mariah (Rhi) Philip standing in front of a barn on the Rainbow Lodge property holding the reins of their horses. There is an unidentified boy on the horse that Rhi holds the reins for (possibly her son, Maison?).

Horseback rider and Binkie the dog

Horseback rider with the head accidentally left out of the frame and Binkie the dog 'begging'. Caption on the reverse reads "The Headless Horror! This also was a mindful black out! but it is still a good get up." and in another hand "Dog Binkie posing".

Flood at Rainbow Lodge

Flood at Rainbow Lodge in the Springtime, a man on horseback rides towards the Lodge.

Rainbow Lodge

Rainbow Lodge taken from a boardwalk leading to the lodge. Groups of guests are gathered outside the Lodge and a horseback rider is trotting past.

Lake O'Hara

Photograph of Horse back riders at Lake O'Hara, BC. Leonard Frank's signature on the front.

Frank, Leonard

Horseback riders

Photograph of two Rainbow Lodge guests on horseback in front of Alta Lake store.

Horseback rider at Rainbow Lodge

Photograph of a horseback rider galloping over the open pasture towards one of the lakeside cabins at Rainbow Lodge. Lumber in teh right foreground, probably from Gebhart's Mill.

Myrtle Philip on horseback

Photograph of Myrtle Philip on horseback. The annotation on the reverse reads "Myrtle on Proctor, 1947."

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