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Mrs Baker with a dog

Photograph of Mrs Baker with a dog. The annotation on the reverse reads "Dear one, write to me quick! Don't you see how worried I am at not hearing from my babe?" Then in Myrtle Philip's hand "Dear little Bakie".

Post office and store at Rainbow Lodge

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0439
  • Item
  • [1914 or 1915]
  • Parte de Philip Fonds

Rainbow Lodge store and post office in the snow. On the path to the store is a man Sewell D. Tapley and dog Skookum<sup>1</sup>. The annotation on the reverse reads "First winter - 1914-1915."

Myrtle and KiHi

Myrtle and her dog on a lawn. Inscription on reverse reads "Myrtle & KiHi"

Myrtle and Skookum at Rainbow

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0533
  • Item
  • [between ca 1920 and 1925]
  • Parte de Philip Fonds

Myrtle and Skookum on a log with cabins in the background. Inscription on reverse reads "Mrs Philip + dog Skookum at / Rainbow / early 1920s / 1920 or 1925"

Sewall, Alex & Jean

Sewall Tapley, Alex Philip & Jean Tapley on the back porch of Rainbow Lodge. Sewall is holding a rifle and Alex & Jean are holding axes. Skookum is sitting next to Jean and Kihi is running in foreground. Several annotations on verso: "...

Canim Lake

Photograph of Myrtle Philip with her sister Jean Tapley and another woman and a dog on a dock on Canim Lake, B.C., about to boat.The photograph is annotated 'Canim Lake'.

Jean Tapley cross country skiing

Jean Tapley is gazing into the forest while traversing on skis with friend and dog, Mutt, Sewell Tapley's canine. The cross country ski style is with one pole, like the Norwegian ski.

Horseback rider and Binkie the dog

Horseback rider with the head accidentally left out of the frame and Binkie the dog 'begging'. Caption on the reverse reads "The Headless Horror! This also was a mindful black out! but it is still a good get up." and in another...

Dog drawn skis!

Photograph of Skookum, the dog, harnessed, and pulling Myrtle Philip across Alta Lake on skis.

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