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Skookum and Kii at Alta Lake

These two prints (A, B) from the same negative show Alta Lake in the winter time, with several people and dogs on the frozen surface of the lake. In the foreground is a woman (possibly Myrtle?) and two dogs identified as Myrtle's dogs Skookum (collie) and Kii. In the deep background is another dog and two other people.

Hiking in the Mountains Surrounding Alta Lake

Two black and white photographs, glued to opposite sides of a piece of black construction paper. 12b shows Alex Philip and a female guest eating a picnic lunch up in the alpine, accompanied by two dogs. These dogs are possibly Skookum (collie) and Kii.

Binkie at Alta Lake 1941

Two prints from the same negative (A and B). Annotation on the front of B reads, "Binkie- Alta Lake- '41". Taken in front of the buildings at Rainbow Lodge.

Horseback rider and Binkie the dog

Horseback rider with the head accidentally left out of the frame and Binkie the dog 'begging'. Caption on the reverse reads "The Headless Horror! This also was a mindful black out! but it is still a good get up." and in another hand "Dog Binkie posing".

Dogs and kittens

Dogs Skookum and Kii and three kittens on the deck of Rainbow Lodge

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