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Alta Lake Dogs
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Dog drawn skis!

Photograph of Skookum, the dog, harnessed, and pulling Myrtle Philip across Alta Lake on skis.

Myrtle with her iceboat

Myrtle Philip with her iceboat on Alta Lake. Dog "Puppy" to the right. Large shadow obliterates much of lower half of the picture.

Sewall with woman and Mutt

Sewall Tapley with unidentified woman in snow on Alta Lake. Dog "Mutt" gazes adoringly up at Sewall.


Photographs of cross-country skiing on Alta Lake, George Benjamin (3/2/122/5), and dog tracks in snow.

Week of August 28, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to windsurfing at Alta Lake; Construction; Dog; Swimming; unicycling02-095-4. Pg. 1. Caption: Winsurfers head out across Alta Lake as summer`s last few waning rays dapple the mountainside.02-095-49. Pg. 1. Cap...

Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp Photo Album

Photographs of campers at the Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp enjoying summer on Whistler Mountain and a host of off-mountain activities from 1977-1980.Identifications of photographs according to ADOUGLAS_03_011:001 (83-18) – mid-July 1979, “Tramp sho...

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'


Photographs taken by Clifford Fenner from his work in Garibaldi Provincial Park and his travels in British Columbia, the United States, and Colombia.

Photo Envelopes

Photographs including but not limited to construction of Town Hall, squatters at Jordan's Lodge, kayaking, Ski Patrol, the Pemberton rodeo, flood damage, skiing on Whistler Mountain, hang-gliding, Gelandesprung ski jump contest, competitive d...

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