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Cliff Fenner Fonds Lakes
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Photograph of 3 white boats, holding multiple people, on lake with mountain in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Hanging out close to mountains and lake

Photograph of 3 men on rocks with lake and mountains in front of them. Glass slide framed with blue and yellow tape labelled S 9 [other label is faded, but a 4 can be made out].

18. Mt Sloan

Photograph of person sitting on rock in Mt Sloan area. Mountains and lakes in background. Glass slide framed with red tape labelled: "18. Mt Sloan July 1949".

Slides 11

Photographs of a helicopter in a meadow and in a construction site, a pitched tent, a hiking trail, people melting snow on a rock into cups, Garibaldi Lake in the winter, discoloured snow, an aerial view of Brohm Ridge, a provincial park restrictions sign including 'no picking wildflowers' and 'no cutting trees', a train station, a house in a forested area, a meadow and trees with forest fire smoke in the background, hikers on a mountain with Table Mountain in the background, a helicopter taking off in a meadow, 3 people sitting in a meadow that is covered with wildflowers, a hiker above a lake, a hiker on a slope, and 2 people collecting samples.

FEN_02_02_008 and 014 labelled "[Brohm?] Ridge".

Garibaldi Park

Photographs of Garibaldi Park, including a man sitting on a log over a river near a lake, a man looking out at mountains, and 2 people ski touring beside a snow-covered peak.

Garibaldi Park booklet

Booklet from January 1960 by the Department of Recreation & Conservation on Garibaldi Park with information - split into northern and southern Garibaldi - on its history, specific areas (Black Tusk Meadows and Diamond Head Chalet), seasonal weather, attractions, camping information, terrain, wildlife, access, and use.

G. 20

Photograph of a floatplane at a dock on a lake in Garibaldi Park.

Lists of photographs on display

Lists of colour prints on display at the Gallery of Photography and the Unitarian Church in Vancouver. Photographs that were on display were taken in many different areas in British Columbia.

Mountains and lake

Photograph of snowy mountains and lake with a person standing on mountain in foreground. Glass slide framed in blue tape.

31. The Tantalus

Photograph of lake in mountains. Glass slide framed with red tape labelled "31. The Tantalus Sept 2 1949."

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