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Alta Lake Lakes
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  • GRI-01-33-051
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • 1974-2007
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of early Whistler Village with some under construction (buildings include: Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort, Carleton Lodge, Whistler Conference Centre, Crystal Lodge, Hearthstone Lodge, Rainbow Building, Blackcomb Lodge, Fitzsimmons Lodge, Clocktower Building, Executive Inn & Suites, Mountainside Lodge, St. Andrews House, Myrtle Philip Elementary School, a group of buildings labelled as 'Whiskey-Jack'), views of an unknown bird in the snow, a snowman dressed up in a 'Ski Blackcomb' baseball cap, a crowd of people watching a ski race, a shirtless man skiing [possibly Frank Papenburg - as labelled by John Lee], view of many skis sitting in racks, someone windsurfing with ski boots on, view of docks on Alta Lake, portraits of a man on a ski hill, a landscape of a snowy creek, a radio mascot skiing a race, and someone helping install a mat on a chairlift tower.

010: "Whiskey-Jack"

An Evening's Catch in Miller Lake

This photograph depicts a man standing behind a line strung between two trees. The line is hung with a large catch of fish, while the man stands smoking a pipe gazing off into the distance.

Annotations on the reverse of the photograph read: "An evening's catch in Miller Lake in 1908- before railway was built, by Frank Burnett." A separate note reads, "Alpha Lake?"

Burnett, Frank

Spring Flood at Alta Lake

This photograph shows a flooded Alta Lake, with a portion of the Rainbow Lodge property overtaken by the water. An unidentified woman stands in the water.

Alta Lake View July 1941

The annotation on the reverse of this photograph (possibly an aerial view?) reads, "Alta Lake July 1941 by Cameron".

Alta Lake from Rainbow Lodge June 1944

This photograph of Alta Lake was taken from Rainbow Lodge, looking to the North East. Boats, the dock and a diving platform are visible.

The annotation on the reverse of the photograph reads, "June 1944 by Cameron".

View from Myrtle's House Christmas 1968

This photograph was taken from Myrtle's cottage, looking out toward Alta Lake. The building near the water is Cypress Lodge, which today is the International Hostel, or HI Whistler.

Annotation on the reverse of the photograph reads, "Myrtle's zero weather Xmas 1968. Rhi and I were up for a few days before Xmas."

Alta Lake from Above Rainbow Lodge

This photograph shows a view of Alta Lake from above Rainbow Lodge. Although the photograph is dated 1944, the presence of what appear to be power lines in the foreground suggests that this may have been later, after the Rainbow Substation was built on Highway 99 in 1964-1965.

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