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Sewall Tapley

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0916
  • Pièce
  • [1917?]
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

Sewall Tapley and his dog, Spot, in a canoe on a lake. Annotation on the reverse reads "Rain makes no difference to me" and "Sewall Tapley, Spot, the dog, c. 1917."


Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting people swimming, on the beach, tanning, on the dock, picnicing, and canoeing on Lost Lake.

Griffith, Greg

Week of June 6, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to bridge; climbing a fence; horses; portraits; construction; baseball; buffet dinner; Whistler Country Guides canoes at the lake; logging trucks; landscapes; wildlife; band playing; buses; orchestra playing o...

Canoe on Alta Lake

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0942
  • Pièce
  • [194-]
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

Alex Philip paddling Rainbow Lodge guests around Alta Lake including Ivan Ackery and Sadie Underwood with George Donaldson.Paddling toward the River of Golden Dreams.<sup>1</sup>


Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting windsurfing and canoeing on Alta Lake, Whistler Mountain, an unidentified mountain, and Singing Pass Trail.

Griffith, Greg

Week of September 6, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to Myrtle Philip School gym class; Whistler Village; canoeing; Dave Murray's team in the Great Snow Earth Water Race; windsurfing Alta Lake; car accident in the river; water aerials; baseball; The Noteabl...

Week of August 2, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to swimming and canoeing Alta Lake; windsurfing; fishing; golfing; Whistler Village sign; portraits; mountain views; cars and construction vehicles driving along a lake: Molson's Fun Swim; Alta Lake Commu...

Week of November 19, 1978

Photos including but not limited to car accident; canoeing at Alta Lake; South Face of Whistler Mountain02-029-15. Pg. 1. Caption: The Gardiner vehicle as it ended up in Green Lake.02-029-06. Pg. 3. Caption: Logging truck goes off at Mons.02-029-0...

Week of July 5, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Canoeing Alta Lake; Tennis; outdoor buffet; Construction; driving; rivers; covered bridge02-045-14. pg. 6. Caption: Beating out a rhythm on the drum, a participant from one of the parade floats gives a hoot...

Canoeing on lake

Man sitting in yellow canoe on lake [Garibaldi?] with mountains in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

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