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Vancouver Boats
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Vancouver Harbour + Coal Harbour [sic] - May 9 [19]53 - Supreme Norm[adol]

  • WA_2019_030-01-024
  • Dossier
  • May 9, 1953
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photographs of a freighter at anchor in Vancouver Harbour, and a rowboat and yacht at Coal Harbour.

001: "Vancouver Harbor [sic] - Freighter at anchor - May 9 [19]53 - Supreme Norm[adol]"
002: "Rowing Shell - Coal Harbor [sic] - May 9 [19]53 - Supreme Norm[adol]"
003: "Yacht at Club - Coal Harbor [sic] - May 9 [19]53 - Supreme Norm[adol]"

[Normadol refers to Ansco Normadol fine grain developer, used to develop the photos.]

[Miscellaneous 1]

  • WA_2019_030-01-140
  • Dossier
  • 1953-1955
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photographs of trees in the Summer of 1955, the view East up False Creek from Granville Bridge in Vancouver in the Spring of 1955, a sunken boat being towed near Clay's Wharf in Vancouver in the Fall of 1953, the Sauk River on a trip to Mt Pugh on May 22, 1955, and two women standing on the deck of a boat.

001: "Trees - ? - 1955 - Summer - Plux X Home Photo"
002: "View East up False Creek from Granville Bridge - Spring [19]55 - Supreme Home Photo"
003-004: "Clay's Wharf - Sunken Boat being towed in Fall [19]53 - Supreme Norm[adol]"
005: "Mt Pugh Trip - May 22 [19]55 - Sauk River - No Print - Plus X Home Photo"
006: "Roy Schofield Sailing - Spring [19]55 - Supreme Home Photo"


  • GRI-01-40
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1974-2007
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, Whistler Mountain, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Blackcomb Mountain, etc.


  • GRI-01-42
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1974-1999
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of Andy and Bonnie Munster's cabin and the party they had to burn it down, firefighting, parties, logging, Howe Sound, Charlie Doyle, Kenny Feller skiing, Earl Haisen, Ski Scamps, skiing, Kids Kamp, Willie Whistler, Mark Angus, blasting near Whistler Mountain Ski Club, canoeing and running [Great Snow Earth Water Race?], freestyle skiing and ski ballet at the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, awards, Stephanie Sloan, aerial photography of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, snow-golf, construction, Brandywine Falls, musicians playing at Rendezvous Lodge, Catskinner Chair, catskiing, Skidder Chair, squatter settlements and cabins, glaciers, hiking, Vancouver views, a rugby team photograph, the filming of the movie Up River (1979), Greg Griffith, dining, costumes, the Skunk Cabbage Review band playing, tennis at Whistler Resort & Club, municipal council, Village Square, cars, and the Fireman's Ball event.

Freights at Dock - May 10 [19]60

  • WA_2019_030-01-228
  • Dossier
  • May 10, 1960
  • Fait partie de Dick Chambers

Photograph of a freight ship at a dock, likely in Vancouver, on May 10, 1960. Caption reads: "Freights at Dock - May 10 [19]60".

B.C. Outdoor Vacations Group Photo

A group of people is seen standing on the deck of a boat with the Lions Gate Bridge in the background. They are holding a sign that appears to read, "B.C. Outdoor Vacations Welcomes Swingers Only Club".