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Photograph of mountain climber in foreground looking at mountain peaks. Glass slide is framed with blue tape.


Photograph of mountaintop partially covered in snow with person standing at base. Glass slide covered in blue tape.


Photograph of person rock climbing with mountains and lake in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.


Photograph of mountain climber on mountaintop with peaks in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Slides 3

Photographs of snowshoeing, ski touring, Black Tusk, the Tantalus Range, a snowfield, mountains, Mt Garibaldi, tarps on snow, skiers, mountain climbing, ladies near a pond, and a helicopter on snow-covered ground.

Slides 5

Photographs of a cabin buried in snow, ski touring at Black Tusk and Garibaldi Mountain, a photographer near Garibaldi Mountain, Garibaldi Mountain, hikers on scree slope, a hiker in a meadow at Black Tusk, a ski track, a skier with gear looking i...

Slides 19

Photographs of wildflowers and 2 climbers on a mountain above Garibaldi Lake.FEN_02_02_019_001 captioned "Garibaldi".

Garibaldi [6]

Photographs of Garibaldi Provincial Park, mostly of ski touring and hiking.Each transparency is coded with "GZ" with a respective number.FEN_02_03_03_007 has been labelled "Second rights only".

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