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Building T-bar 1980 Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp

  • ADOUGLAS-01-01-09
  • Dossier
  • June 1977, May-September 1980
  • Fait partie de Alex Douglas Fonds

Photographs of the Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp building their T-bar on Whistler Mountain, and a Volkswagen Beetle near the water.Identification according to ADOUGLAS-03-011:001 (93-6) – May 1980, “SUMMER CAMP starts – damage to bottom station.”002...

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'

July '71

Slide film of a dog poking its head out of a car window.

Tokum Corners GEW

Photographs of Tokum Corners, Linda Whitehead walking with a dog, George Benjamin’s Volkswagen Beetle, and Nairn Falls.

Flood Nov 78

Photographs of Tokum Corners, a view of Tokum Corners from Alta Lake, George Benjamin’s red Volkswagen Beetle, Black Horn Ranch during a flood, and the dogs Digger and Asher.

Snow Misc. Garbonzo 33

Photographs of jumping off the roof at the Cheakamus Inn, skiing, a woman riding a shovel, and loading ski gear out of a car.

Alta Lake -Fall Tokum in Building V.W. On Alta Lake.

Photographs of Tokum Corners, the frozen Alta Lake, the building of the woodshed at Tokum Corners, Tokum Corners before the installation of the bay window, and George Benjamin's Volkwagen Beetle driving on Alta Lake in winter.

Toad Hall - Nita - Alta Lake - Tracks - Land - Q

Photographs of a Land Rover being towed (3/2/196/36), the 'Good shit Lolly Pot' outdoor toilet construction (3/2/196/37), George Benjamin sitting at Gulf gas station, Toad Hall, Green Lake (3/2/196/50), and a motorcycle.


Photographs of George Benjamin's Volkswagen Beetle.

Parking lot at unidentified building

Cars parked and people walking in lot with unidentified building in centre of photograph. Some palm trees are beside building in background. Glass slide framed with blue and red tape labelled "1 [?] [?] ASTI."

Car on dirt road

Photograph of car on a dirt road with mountains in background. Glass slide framed with green tape.

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