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Week of May 23, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to the Great Snow Earth Water Race; Alta Lake; tennis courts; car accidents; town construction
02-008-22 on pg. 1. Top Some of the "Great Racers" -- the first skier of the mountain.
02-008-29 on pg. 1. Bottom the first canoeists off the lake.
02-008-31 on pg. 1. And in the centre, three of the winning A.L.S.C. team -- Jim, Joannie and Art.
02-008-15 on pg. 5. Caption: Les McDonald, Nello Busdon and Vic Woods cross the finish line together in the Mini Marathon.
02-008-72 on pg. 7. Caption: Don Willoughby, Max Maxwell and Tom Jarvis enjoy a little blackjack at the Chamber's Casino Night.
02-008-56 on pg. 8. Caption: The tangled wreckage of the Satre backhoe after it was hit by a logging truck.
02-008-04 on pg. 9. Caption: The scene at the craft fair and barbeque organized by the Chamber of Commerce at the school on Saturday.
02-008-69 on pg. [12] or back cover. Caption: Some of the models of the packages of the new Whistler Village which were on display at the Land Company Office last week.
02-008-06 appears in May 30th on pg. 3. Caption: Michael D'Artois cooks up some homemade burgers at the Chamber Fair at the school on May 19.
02-008-43 appears in May 16th issue on pg. 11. Caption: Principal Alex Marshall negotiates the Roadeo Course.

Week of November 19, 1978

Photos including but not limited to car accident; canoeing at Alta Lake; South Face of Whistler Mountain
02-029-15. Pg. 1. Caption: The Gardiner vehicle as it ended up in Green Lake.
02-029-06. Pg. 3. Caption: Logging truck goes off at Mons.
02-029-03. Pg. 3. Caption: Logging truck goes off at Mons.
02-029-04. Pg. 6. Caption: Highways' truck gets stuck by the yard on Thursday.
02-029-10. Pg. 6.Caption: Lone Highways' worker pushes snow off of the overpass after snowstorm.
02-029-19. Pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: The snow's up on Whistler -- up at around 6,000 ft.

Week of October 11, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Rotary Club meeting; Railway station and tracks; boats on Alta Lake; cars; Pat Carleton; Premier Bennett
02-034-06. Pg. 1. Caption: Premier Bennett talks to Mayor Pat Carleton beside the train tracks while the Press look on.
02-034-17. Pg. 7. Caption: The Question truck (and several students) get a thorough soaping down!
02-034-04. Pg. 7. Caption: Mayor Carleton beside the Whistler railroad station resplendent with new sign, flags and flowers in preparation for Premier Bennett's visit on Oct. 3.
02-034-15. Pg. 10. Caption: Community Service Director Drew Meredith points out the location of trails to be identified by the Whistler Rotary Club.

Week of May 24, 1978

Photographs including but not limited to Slalom Pro Race; Potato sack race; board games; ping pong; Great Snow Water Earth Race; Myrtle Philip Elementary School performing "A Space Odyssey"; windsurfing; folk dancing; car accident; bike rodeo
02-049-10. Pg. 1. Caption: Greg Snider from California -- the winner of the 1978 Whistler Pro Classic Race.
02-049-26. pg. 1. Caption: Mayor Pat Carleton welcomes Capt. James Cook in front of mural decoration at the gym.
02-049-91, 80. Pg. 7. Caption: Pictures shown (from left to right): The first woman to complete 5 miles in the Mini-Marathon -- Louise McIntosh; Anonymous diver showing fine form in the belly flop; Traffic problems with the cars and cyclists in the Great Race.
02-049-37. Pg. 8. Caption: The Kindergarten class doing a folk dance at the concert.
02-049-43. Pg. 8. Caption: A portion of the cast of "A Space Odyssey".
02-049-18. Pg. 9. Caption: Two of the vehicles that did not get to where they were going over the weekend.
02-049-49. Pg. 9. Caption: An RCMP constable watches while the school students ride through the roadeo course at the school.

Week of November 21, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to mountaineering; seaplane landing on the lake; town planning; construction; aerial views from plane; cars; license plates;
02-071-62. Pg. 1. Caption: No door on the helicopter allows a crystal-clear view of the Town Center (left center), Public Service Building (lower right) and Myrtle Philip School (right center).
02-071-31, 27. Pg. 4. Caption: Two views of the steel girders of Package 6, with masonry wall of Package 4 behind; upper photo shows detail of two roof lines.
02-071-86. Pg. 5. Caption: Work continues well into the night on the underground conduits connecting the Town Center to power lines on Highway 99.
02-071-39. Pg. 6. Caption: [top] Mayor Pat Carleton and Frans Carpay of Whistler Village Land Co. lead one of many media groups on walking tour of Whistler Village Town Center on Wednesday Nov. 14.
02-071-19. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] Public Service Building nears completion with new parking area in foreground.
02-071-26. Pg. 7. Caption: Large pile of construction garbage at Mons dump indicates total disregard for sign by garbage dumpers.
02-071-28. Pg. 9. Caption: Soil testing continues at new hotel site in Whistler Village Town Center.
02-071-7, 10. Pg. 10. Caption: Border Lake has spring ice blasted away (above), while 60,000 metric tonnes of ice (right) is dislodged to prevent future disaster to work crews.
02-071-5. Pg. 11. Caption: [left] View of exposed rock face of molybdenum ore body near Taku Lake; drill site was located on left above slide area.
02-071-94. Pg. 11. Caption: [right] Ihor Zalubniak (with sprayer) and Mark Lennox of Phase Two Painting stain the high woodwork 30 feet over Whistler Creek Lodge parking area.
02-071-23. Pg. 14. Caption: [Top] The presentation of the Pemberton Community Plan, left to right: Zoltan Kuun, Clerk Tom Wood, Mayor Shirley Henry, Planner John Connelly.
02-071-24. Pg. 14. Caption: [bottom] The audience listens to the presentation of the plan in the Signal Hill School library.
02-071-49. Pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: Aerial view of Roundhouse at 6000 foot level on Whistler Mountain, showing sparse snow cover and the new washroom/service building (upper right).

Week of September 24, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to seaplanes on Alta Lake; mountain views; drinking; sweater; signs/placards; fire in the mountains
Appears in October 3, 1979 issue:
02-079-10. Pg. 13. Caption: David Fairhurst proudly shows off the first Pine mushrooms he found last month.
Appears in September 26, 1979 issue:
02-079-65. Pg. 1. Caption: C.O.A. visitors tour the Town Centre. Left to right - George Madden, Phillip St. Cyr, Dr. John Johnston, Carl Schwende and Cesare Gianna.
02-079-24. Pg. 3. Caption: [left] Scott Kennie and his home-built Volmer Sportsman.
02-079-27. Pg. 3. Caption: [right] Scott Kennie.
02-079-49. Pg. 4. Caption: The concrete is poured on Wedgewood Properties Package #8 while workers get up to the roof level on the condominiums above Packages #4 and #5.
02-079-3. Pg. 5. Caption: Smoke pillars up from the fire behind Garibaldi last week.
02-079-53. Pg. 6. Caption: Air West's new Twin Otter on Alta Lake after bringing the C.O.A. delegates to Whistler.
02-079-41. Pg. 13. Caption: Eagle new american 4 wheel drive sedan model.
02-079-66. Pg. 15. Caption: Strike! a Vancouver Canarim executive takes a swing at the ball as the softball match on Saturday.
02-079-45. Pg. 16. Caption: The students give Dennis Lamarche's wagon a good wash while the bake sale goes on behind.

Week of August 22 [2], 1979

Photographs including but not limited to swimming at Alta Lake; Construction; cars
02-085-9. Pg. 1. Caption: The view from the top-looking down on the Town Centre from the Heine condominium package #11.
02-085-11. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] The great swim is on! Swimmers heading down Alta Lake (above)
02-085-3. Pg.3. Caption: [bottom] and arriving at the Adventures West dock (below).
02-085-29. Pg.4. Caption: The first meeting of the Whistler Council in the new council chamber trailer. Acting Mayor Horsey presides.
02-085-15. Pg. 5. Caption: [top] Signs appearing on the tree by the Town Centre -- note the Danger Construction Zone!
02-085-26. Pg.5. Caption: [bottom] What is it? Not a squatter's cabin but merely a plastic structure for the fire department to practice its smoke rescue maneuvres.
02-085-30. Pg. 7. Caption: Watch your step! Theres a 3-ft. drop coming out of the Gulf Station restroom during construction. 02-085-2. Pg. 8. Caption: Early arrivals at the salmon barbeque at the Grants residence on August 19.
02-085-20. Pg. 13. Caption: The first roof is almost on -- a Heine Condo on Package #11 above the Town Centre.
02-085-24. Pg. 14. Caption: Impromptu sidewalk sale -- Leigh Finck sells off his goods after finding himself out on the street (literally) on Saturday, August 18!
02-085-5. Pg. 16. Caption: A smiling B.J. Godson presents a swimming prize to Sheila Peters while Denver Sneider looks on. More pictures and story on Page 3.

Week of August 15, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to car accidents; bears eating from dumpsters; meeting; Alta Lake Wayside Park
02-086-24. Pg. 1. Caption: (top) The lifeblood of many Whistler residents -- the Alpine Meadows water reservoir (top)
02-086-34. Pg. 1. Caption: (bottom) and the dam at Emerald Estates (bottom) as they appeared on August 12, 1979.
02-086-10. Pg. 3. Caption: At the Apprenticeship meeting. Employer Relations Counsellor June Dittmer and Gordie Forrest discuss tax savings while Gary Wanless looks on.
02-086-17. Pg. 8. Caption: Neal Davidge shows Rotary President Doug Read the location of Nanisivik in the Arctic.
02-086-27. Pg. 10. Caption: Sid Youngs new garden at Woodland Place.
02-086-11. Pg. 11. Caption: (top) Stevenson workers work on Package 5 while the piledriver works on #6 at the Whistler Town Centre.
02-086-5. Pg. 11. Caption: (bottom) One V.W. easy over! Stewart McQuarrie of North Vancouver escaped uninjured when he lost control of his car near Daisy Lake on August 8.
02-086-18. Pg. 7. Caption: The new temporary addition trailer to the Whistler Municipal Hall.
02-086-23. Pg. 15. Caption: (bottom) (Auction at Guthries)
02-086-14. Pg. 16. Caption: Fire Chief Lindsay Wilson puts up one of many No Campfire signs now appearing in the Whistler area due to the extreme fire hazard rating.

Week of July 25, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to trampolining; cars; music; tennis; construction; windsurfing on Alta Lake; picnic
02-089-41. Pg. 1. Caption: Windsurfers and sunbathers enjoy the Alta Vista dock.
02-089-31. Pg. 4. Caption: New look at Whistler Vale -- the paving of the access road starts
02-089-4. Pg. 6. Caption: The way the wheel looked when the truck stopped.
02-089-40. Pg. 8. Caption: Terry Minger shows the Resort Association chart to the Whistler Rotary Club.
02-089-8. Pg. 9. Caption: Dr. Ann Crowley, the new Pemberton Dentist.
02-089-23. Pg. 11. Caption: Judd Buchanan with Louise McConkey at the Ski Camp barbecue.
02-089-25. Pg. [12] Caption: The chow line at the Ski Camp barbecue on July 18.

Week of July 24, 31, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to Town Centre Construction; driving; house interiors; cycling; windsurfing on Alta Lake
Appears in July 31, 1980 issue:
02-101-23. Pg. 1. Caption: Pacific Blasting is currently at work carving out the rock in the Bayshores subdivision. Whoever buys this lot will have a magnificient view of the valley all year long.
02-101-30. Pg. 4. Caption: Mountain Inn -- as its been for two months. News construction should start soon. 02-101-36, 32, 26, 2, Pg. 5. Caption: (none) Kiln Gods in Garibaldi (story title) 02-101-22. Pg. 7. Caption: Coast Interiors new building at Function Junction.
02-101-21. Pg. 11. Caption: The interior of the newly renovated Whistler Resort & Club.
02-101-6. Pg. 13. Caption: Blacktop was laid along the Blackcomb Mountain access road form top to bottom. Reports are that a skateboard contest may be held there.
02-101-4. Pg. (16). Caption: A familiar site this summer on the way into Squamish is this man selling Okanagan fruit to the delight of adults and kids alike.
Appears in July 24, 1980 issue:
02-101-66. Pg. 7. Caption: The Resort Centre doesn`t look like much but it will eventually have an Olympic-size ice rink. Something to look forward to during the late hot weather.
02-101-41. Pg. 8. Caption: (bottom) Riding the rail - stern first. A competitor in the freestyle event (windsurfing).

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