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Black Tusk Skiers
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Photographs of skiing, freestyle skiing, ski ballet, kayaking, cross-country skiing, mountain views, adaptive skiing, windsurfing, restaurants, hotels, lakes, sunsets, cabins, helicopters, heli-skiing, dining, rivers, sailing, canoeing, fishing, a parade in Squamish, group portraits, portraits of children and skiers, clowns, musicians, snowmobiles, hiking, snowmen, people skiing in costume and in the nude, chairlifts, Whistler Mountain, Black Tusk, Apres ski, beer, drinking, cooking, picnics, moss, sunbathing, Highland Lodge interiors, mountain staff, Teri Schlingloft, and Bob Dufour.


Photographs of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, aerial shots of the Whistler Valley and its lakes, Black Tusk, 7th Heaven, Rendezvous Lodge, Pika's Restaurant and Roundhouse Lodge, alpenglow, panoramic shots of Wedge Mountain, various people skiing and snowboarding Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, Village North, the Blackcomb Powdercats, Upper Village, Benchlands, condominiums, fireplaces, adaptive skiing, ski racing, telemark skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, backcountry skiing, chairlifts, cabins, houses, The Gables, terrain parks, restaurants, dining, T-bars, snow grooming, Christine's Restaurant, heli-skiing, Symphony and Harmony Bowl, picnics, cougar tracks on Ipsoot Mountain, the Molson World Cup Downhill, the Disabled Skiers Championship, the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, the Canada Post Office at Marketplace Lodge, Glacier Creek Lodge, mountain biking, snowmobiling on Blackcomb Mountain, Molson Canadian Masters Alpine Series, Burnt Stew Basin, Slush Cup on Blackcomb Mountain, skating on the lakes, Tyax Heli-ski, Whistler Golf Course, canoeing, windsurfing, golf, beach volleyball at Rainbow Park, horseback riding, the Dash for Cash Windsurfing Event, climbing in the Tantalus Range, tennis, cross-country skiing, ski-touring, surfing, the gym at the Delta Mountain Inn, Merlin's Bar & Grill, Cheakamus Lake, Tremor Glacier, and Blackcomb Kids Kamp.


Photographs of golfing at Whistler Golf Course, mountain biking on Blackcomb Mountain, horseback riding, fishing, the Jazz Festival of Whistler, hiking, mountain views, skiing, Rendezvous Lodge, Whistler Express Gondola, Whistler Village, Solar Coaster, street entertainment, whitewater kayaking, windsurfing on Alta Lake, flowers, tennis courts, Chateau Whistler Resort, Horstman Estates, cafe patios, Green Lake, canoeing, Marathon Canoe Race on the River of Golden Dreams, paddle boating, the symphony on Blackcomb Mountain, Highway 99, aerial shots of Whistler Blackcomb, whitewater rafting, trees changing colour in autumn, camping, picnics, heli-hiking, the first rafting trip on Owl Creek, hang gliding, Black Tusk, airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, flags, the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, Howe Sound, the mountains in winter and summer, People's Drug Mart on Main Street in Pemberton, fly-fishing, Brandywine Falls, sunsets, and panoramic shots of the valley.


Photographs primarily of freestyle skiers and snowboarders on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, including mid-air shots, backcountry terrain, moguls, cornices, bowls, and chutes. Also includes photographs of glaciers, mountain views, snow sculptures, ski tracks, Ski Scamps, group portraits, Whistler Village, Green Lake, Roundhouse Lodge, heli-skiing, sunsets, alpenglow, Cheakamus Lake, Vail, telemark skiing, the Molson World Cup Downhill, Ipsoot Mountain, Powder Mountain, Pemberton Icecap, the Spearhead Range, ski touring, cross-country skiing, Slush Cup, Upper Village, Black Tusk, Excalibur Gondola, Peak Chair, hang gliding, groomed ski runs, Big Red Express Chair, Franz's Chair, and the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship.


Photographs of skiing and snowboarding on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, mountain views, chairlifts, ski racing at the Molson World Cup Downhill and Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, adaptive ski racing at the Disabled Skier Championships, telemark skiing at the Telemark World Championships, aerial shots of the Whistler valley, Harmony Bowl, Roundhouse Lodge, Black Tusk, Alta Lake, Green Lake, Whistler Village, Whistler Peak, alpenglow, Harmony Express Chair, Big Red Express Chair, Peak Chair, skiing on Horstman Glacier, Secret Bowl, Upper Village views, Magic Chair, views of shops signs in Whistler Village including The Glacier Shop and Berg & Berg, icicles, sunsets, Creekside, night photography, Symphony Bowl, Flute Bowl, Village Stroll, a portrait of skier Sabrina Chabot, Glen Harris and Tim Rickli skiing, cabins, Excalibur Gondola, Dean Stone skiing Burnt Stew Basin, Rendezvous Lodge, sleigh rides in Upper Village, snow-making, Whistler Express Gondola, cross-country skiing, Blackcomb Glacier, Snowcat groomers on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain (Blackcomb Powdercats), apres ski, Pika's Restaurant and Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain, juggling on Whistler Mountain, condominiums, Green Chair, Solar Coaster, 7th Heaven Express Chair, snow-covered outhouses, Secret Bowl, a helicopter evacuating someone, a frozen creek, Cara Dollan skiing Ziggy's Bowl, and views of Village North.


Designs for posters, t-shirts, and the Whistler Address Book; photographs of skiing, hiking, golfing, canoeing, mountain biking, the Garibaldi Gruel race, Symphony on the Mountain, and other outdoor activities in Whistler and surrounding areas.

Files 001-037 found in Box 7 labelled by creator as "Internegs".
Files 001-027 found in creator's folder labelled "T-Shirt Material".
Files 004-019 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Posterized Internegs".
Files 004-022 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "3-Skiers".
File 028 found in creator's folder labelled "Dave & Steph Summer Camp".
Files 028-029 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Steph".
Files 030-033 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Dave".
Files 034-037 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Address Book / Greg Hayes / M[oun]t[ai]n Moments Address Book / - Transp. / - Rough Layout Etc.".


Photographs of couples posing on the mountain during picnics and apres ski scenarios, freestyle skiers and snowboarders jumping and turning in the alpine, mountain views, hiking at Wedgemount Lake, summer skiing, kayaking, and the Whistler Speed Skiing Competition at the 1989 World Cup of Downhill Skiing.


Photographs of Whistler Village in winter, a skier jumping during sunset with Black Tusk in the background, gondola on Whistler Mountain, Excalibur Gondola on Blackcomb, Whistler Mountain under fresh snow, Blackcomb Bowls, two skiers with Black Tusk in the background, skiers D. Stone and K. Wright with view of trail to Burnt Stew Basin, apres ski party, children in ski gear, Harmony Bowl, Quicksilver Lift on Whistler Mountain (Porsche-designed bubble), groomed slopes on Blackcomb, Whistler Express Gondola, aerial shot of the Whistler valley, Chateau Whistler Resort.

001: "Whistler Village in winter Whistler, B.C."
002: "Whistler BC"
004: "Excalibur Gondola Blackcomb"
005: "Whistler, BC"
006: "Excalibur Gondola Blackcomb"
007: "Blackcomb Bowls"
009: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Trail to Burnt Stew Basin Skiers: D.Stone & K.Wright"
010: "Apres Ski Party, Whistler, BC"
011: "Skiscamps, Whistler, BC, MR"
012: "Skiscamps (M.R.) Whistler B.C."
013: "Harmony Bowl Whistler, B.C."
014: "Winter/Whistler Quicksilver Life, Whistler Porsche designed Bubble"
015: "Groomed slopes Blackcomb"
016: "Whistler village in winter Whistler, B.C."
017: "Whistler Express Gondola, Whistler, BC"
018: "Blackcomb Ski Area Whistler B.C."
019: "Aerial Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mtn./ Whistler Mtn"
020: "Chateau Whistler Resort & Base of Blackcomb B.C."


Photographs of a woman being photographed at the top of a mountain, whitewater rafting, a helicopter and Black Tusk at sunset, Symphony on the Mountain, hiking on Blackcomb Mountain, a bearded man in yellow and blue playing a trombone, summer in Whistler Village, a close-up of wildflowers, biking in Whistler Village, hiking on Whistler Mountain, Duffey Lake Road, skiing in swimsuits, golfing, and windsurfing.

Inscription on slide 01_20_001_003 mount: "Summer Whistler Sun set on Whistler Mt."
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_004 mount: "Winter/Whistler Helicopter at Sunset Whistler, B.C."
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_005 mount: "SYMPHONY ON THE MOUNTAIN"
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_007 mount: "Summer/Whistler Village Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_008 mount: "Summer/Blackcomb Hiking on Blackcomb Mountain"
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_011 mount: "Summer- British Columbia Rafting on Squamish River"
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_012 mount: "Summer/Whistler Village Summer in Whistler Village"
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_013 mount: "Whistler Summer Hiking on Whistler"
Inscription on slide 01_20_001_014 mount: "DUFFY LAKE HWY BC"


Photographs of Harmony Bowl and Harmony Express Chair on Whistler Mountain, Chateau Whistler Resort and Upper Village at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village and Blackcomb Mountain at dusk, skier Glen Harris skiing Symphony Bowl, Tim Rickli telemark skiing on Flute, Whistler Village (buildings include: Sundial Hotel, Carleton Lodge, and Clocktower Building), Black Tusk, Village Stroll (buildings include: Blackcomb Lodge, St. Andrews House, Crystal Lodge, and Fitzsimmons Lodge), people walking in the Village, various skiers on Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain, a portrait of skier Sabrina Chabot, and a frozen Green Lake.

001: "Harmony Bowl & Harmony Express Quad Whistler Mt."
002: " Whistler-Winter Chateau Whistler Resort & Base of Blackcomb B.C."
003: "Winter/Whistler Village Whistler Village with Blackcomb Mountain at Dusk"
004: "Whistler-Winter Symphony Bowl Skier Glen Harris"
005: "Telemarking on Flute Whistler Mt. Skier: Tim Rickli"
006: "Winter/Whistler Village Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."
007: "Whistler, B.C. Black Tusk Garibaldi Park"
010: "Whistler-Winter Fresh snow fall Whistler Village"
012, 016: "Whistler Village In Winter With Blackcomb Mt."
013: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Skiing the Alpine Bowls at Whistler Mountain"
014: "Whistler Village In Winter"
019: "Whistler-Winter Skier in Whistler Village Skier: Sabrina Chabot"

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