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Training, Race, and Fitness Results

Ski race event results, rankings, standings, correspondence, training program information, and downhill ski resumes for the Crazy Canucks.

Snapshot of Dave Murray

Snapshot of Dave Murray in Canadian gear and race bib, possibly at the 1974 World Series of Skiing in Vail, Colorado.

Announcer's Sheet

Announcer's sheet, containing team names, numbers, and members for the 1975 Mogul Bash held on Whistler Mountain.

Team names include:
1 - Cocaine Team
2 - The Assholes
3 - Geriatric Ski Team
4 - Snorts and Sniffles
5 - Painted Ladies
6 - Pile Drivers
7 - Lucky 7
8 - Lunch Buckets
9 - Ozark M[oun]t[ai]n Daredevils
10 - DEAN TEAM Fort Boogie Bashers
11 - Toronto Turkeys
12 - The Ski Devils
13 - Tohid
14 - Bump Suckers
15 - Northsport Daredevils
16 - Lucky Lips
17 - Fuck Ups
18 - Joint Effort
19 - Hoop Suckers
20 - Back Bowl Burgers
21 - Roundhouse Rowdies
22 - Tuner Company
23 -
24 - Feeble Keneevel and his Foolish Foursome

Garibaldi [1]

Photographs of Garibaldi Park including, but not limited to, mountaineering and skiing.

Each transparency has the code "GZ" with a respective number.

Lists of photographs on display

Lists of colour prints on display at the Gallery of Photography and the Unitarian Church in Vancouver. Photographs that were on display were taken in many different areas in British Columbia.

Skiing Whistler Mountain - 1966

  • WA_2019_041-01-001
  • Dossier
  • 1965-1966
  • Fait partie de Brenda McGill

Photographs of skiing on Whistler Mountain and in April of 1966, including photographs of the Red Chair and T-Bars, a helicopter landing on the ski hill, and views of the Whistler Valley lakes, creeks, and surrounding mountain ranges.

001-037 are stamped: “APR[IL 19]66VI”
001: “Whistler Lift [in?] summer [1965?]”
002: “Chip @ top of Whistler - summer”
003: “Whistler – summer Lift - [19]60s”
004: “Grad [19]65 w/ Dave Montgomery”
005: “1965 Bob w/ Donna + David Montgomery”

Whistler Resort Association Schedule of Events 1985

A list of the events scheduled by the Whistler Resort Association for 1985. Events include: Whistler Summer Ski Camp, Mountain Fest: Jazz, Blues & Motown Music, Adult Triathlon, Children's Triathlon, BMX World Championships, Canada West Porsche Weekend, Molson's Fun Swim, Labour Day Weekend: Square Dance Jamboree, Motor Sport Weekend, Fall Festival: Firemen's Ball, and the Fall Craft Fair.

Whistler Mountain News - Winter 1990/91

  • YANISIW-01-01-001
  • Dossier
  • 1990-1991
  • Fait partie de Yanisiw Fonds

Whistler Mountain News newsletter given out to guests and pass holders during the winter of 1990-1991. Articles include:

  • Whistler Mountain's 25th Anniversary
  • Special Events
  • Murr Remembered
  • Gatebusters
  • Snowboarding
  • Perform to your peak
  • First Tracks Breakfast Club [new that year]
  • Racing Fun on Fridays
  • Whistler Mountain 25th Anniversary Commemorative Coins
  • Whistler Children's Centre Fundraising
  • Whistler Mountain and Environmental Challenges
  • Reaching the Peak of Your Performance
  • Corporate Partners at Whistler Mountain
  • The Scoop on Skiwear
  • Information Concerning the Waiver of Liability
  • Whistler Mountain Logo Program
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