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Cliff Fenner Fonds Flowers
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13. Green Mtn

Photograph of trail, surrounded by purple wildflowers and trees, on Green Mountain. Mountains can be seen in background. Glass slide framed with red tape labelled: "13. Green Mtn Aug 1949".

Angela + mother Joan + family

Portraits and group photographs in a backyard.

Each print has a number on the back.
Contents were originally in an envelope labelled "Angela + mother Joan + family".

FEN_02_05_01_01 labelled "Joan Price 1983?".
FEN_02_05_01_02 labelled "Joan Price 1983".
FEN_02_05_01_03 labelled "Mary Purdee (Stence-Sales) | Harold's grandson | Harold's son with Joan Price behind in between | Harold Stence-Sales [or?] R. | 1983".

Details of transparencies and negatives

Subseries contains details (description, dates, and purchases) of transparencies and negatives. Fenner coded these descriptions to correspond with photographs in the collection.
The codes in this subseries are:
A (Alaska Highway)
C (Coastal)
G (Garibaldi)
G.W. (Garibaldi Whistler)
L (Local)
VI (Vancouver Island)
B (Buildings)
NAR (Article Negative)
TAR (Article Transparency)
LN (Night)
REC (Recreation)
RE (Resorts)
SP (Sports)
NSP (Sports Negative)
WF (Wildflowers)
NWF (Wildflowers Negative)
NF, FN, FNL (Flowers)

Field of flowers

Photograph of field covered with flowers and grass. Trees and mountains in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Flowers on hillside

Photograph of side of hill covered in purple flowers. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Garibaldi [4]

File contains photographs of Garibaldi Park. Subjects include ski touring, a stream and flowers.

Each transparency is coded with "GZ" and with a respective number.

Glass Slides

Photographs of mountaineering and other mountain adventures in Garibaldi Provincial Park, the Cariboo Range, Coastal British Columbia, and the United States.

There is 1 slide that was removed from broken glass (0093) and another that is not a glass slide (0099).

These slides seem to be colour-coded through using tape to frame the slides:
Blue is the Garibaldi region.
Yellow or Red seem to be other areas in British Columbia, and possibly Washington, but for different years (red = 1949, yellow = 1950).
Green indicates areas in the United States, such as Arizona and Colorado.

There are some slides that have 2 different tape colours.

Karen's Garden, Alaska | Anna Vartheim + Girls | Doris + Tesika (boat) | Lake Louise Doris + Me

Photographs of Clifford Fenner and his friends, boats and sailing, house and garden, Lake Louise, the Fairmont Chateau, and the side of a mountain.

Contents were originally in an envelope labelled "Karen's Garden, Alaska | Anna Vartheim + Girls | Doris + Tesika (boat) | Lake Louise Doris + Me".

FEN_02_05_02_01_01 captioned "We are sailing in Denmark | Xmas 1995".
FEN_02_05_02_01_02 captioned "[Annica?] and [Frednile?] june 1995 | Xmas 1995".
FEN_02_05_02_01_03 captioned "Karen's garden | Anchorage Alaska 1992".
FEN_02_05_02_02_01 captioned "Karen's garden | Anchorage Alaska 1992".
FEN_02_05_02_02_02 captioned "Karen's garden Alaska (Anchorage) 1992".
FEN_02_05_02_02_03 captioned "[?] Nadine + Anna".
FEN_02_05_02_03_03 captioned "Anna, Frank + Girls".
FEN_02_05_02_05_03 captioned "Karen's Alaska home, 1989 | 4731 Talus Dr. Anchorage Alaska. 99516".
FEN_02_05_02_06_01 captioned "Darcy sailing in Denmark june - 95 | Xmas 1995".

Lists of photographs on display

Lists of colour prints on display at the Gallery of Photography and the Unitarian Church in Vancouver. Photographs that were on display were taken in many different areas in British Columbia.

MINF | Flowers

File contains details (descriptions, dates, and purchases) for 63 slides, using the code "MINF" standing for Flowers and corresponds with slides found in the collection (FEN_02_02_031-037). This record is organized in table format.

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