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Molson World Cup Downhill Poster

  • BBARN-01-002
  • File
  • February 27, 1982
  • Part of Bob Barnett

Poster for the Molson World Cup Downhill on Whistler Mountain on February 27, 2982 featuring the Crazy Canucks (Dave Irwin, Ken Read, Dave Murray, and Steve Podborski) skiing.


Posters donated by Bob Barnett from various events in Whistler, including the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, the Shell Cup Canadian Championships, the Vachon Cup, Molson World Cup Downhill, Whistler Ski Classic, Todd Brooker Ski Challenge, Alpine Wine Festival, Alpine Wine & Dine, the opening of the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, and the 40th anniversary of Whistler Mountain and 25th anniversary of Blackcomb Mountain. There are also advertising posters from LANGE boots and Elan Skis.

Molson World Downhill 1982 Magazine

The Molson World Downhill (Whistler Mountain, February 27, 1982) magazine.
Table of Contents:
2 Canadian Alpine Ski Team
3 Premier's Message
4 Mr. Eric Molson's Message, Dr. Peter Andrew's Message
6 Acknowledgements
8 Organizing Committee, World Cup Rules, Schedule of Events
10-11 World Cup to Date
13 Competitors Picture Page
15 Ken Read Story, "This is Whistler" Section
18 The Course
20 1981 Final World Cup Standings
22 Skiing for Medals, National Team Coach John Ritchie
26 The Competitors
28 Race Results Chart
28 How to Watch the Race

Includes information on the story of the World Cup Race, the World Cup rules, the Schedule of Events, past World Cup results, the top competitors, an article on the resort town of Whistler, and article on downhill skiing by Ken Read, map of the course, an article about Molson skiing and information about how and where to watch the race.

Week of March 22, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to art; kayaking down a skihill; musician; portraits; Alpine Meadows; ski gear; ski race; chairlift; Tapley's Challenge; Lawyers' Race; Valdy
Appears in March 31, 1983 issue:
02-320-7. Pg. 5. Caption: While the skier's away, the Whiskey Jack will play. This little fellow had few qualms about helping himself to someone's lunch while, the owner was out on the slopes.
Appears in March 24, 1983 issue:
02-320-74. Pg. 1. Caption: The Tapley's crew pauses for a song after the race of the year -- Tapley's Challenge. Clockwise from top right Doreen Lanchester, Delmar Page, Jack Robertson, Annabelle Page, Dave Cipp and Min Carter showed team spirit that dwarfed the rest although in the standings they placed 15th. The L'Apres team came first and Summit was second in the race held Tuesday, March 15.
02-320-1. Pg. 2. Caption: Gwen Upton, of the Ministry of Labour, takes a look at what her department's money is doing for Whistler through the Community Recovery Program. Al Bosse and Ian Mouncy have found winter employment making subdivision signs. Looking on at far right is Jim Webster from the Resort Municipality of Whistler.
02-320-104. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Watch your step. Down-loading has become a sensible way to get off the mountains these days as spring weather works its way up the slopes.
02-320-57. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Spring cleaning closed the lower levels of parking structure A on Wednesday, March 16 while crews swept up the remains of winter sand.
02-320-95. Pg. 6. Caption: Harley Paul surprised them all as he raced to a first place finish overall in the B.C. Bar Association's Lawyers' Race held Sunday, March 20 on Whistler Mountain's Ego Bowl. His team, which also included Roger Stacey, Jack Cram and Mike McCroadan, finished in second place in team standings. The only laws that were broken were those of averages and gravity.
02-320-116. Pg. 10. Caption: Valdy packed the house all three nights of his visit to Whistler March 18, 19 and 20. Accompanied by saxophone player Clare Laurence and Norman McPherson on guitar, he played everything from love ballads to a lament that he couldn't shimmy like his sister Kate.
02-320-107. Pg. 12. Caption: Whew! It was a full house at The Longhorn and Nasty Jack's over the sunny March 19-20 weekend. Spring skiers are flocking to Whistler by the thousands to enjoy that last run before summer sets in.
02-320-18. Pg. 13. Caption: Lorraine Hill ... seeing images with your eyes closed, it's part of the creative process.
02-320-33. Pg. 14. Caption: [left] Gerry Hieter, Bartender Brio.
02-320-25. Pg. 14. Caption: [middle] Ross Nichol, Chartered accountant, Emerald Estates.
02-320-41. Pg. 14. Caption: [right] Gayle Outhwaite, Ski shop assistant manager, Nesters Road.

Molson World Downhill

Two programs for the Molson World Downhill in Whistler, held March 7-11, 1984 and March 15-16, 1986 respectively. The programs contain schedules, advertisements, results, and articles about the racers, host town, and competition.

Molson World Downhill 1982 CBC coverage

CBC Sports Weekend footage of the Molson World Cup Downhill Race held at Whistler Mountain. It includes interviews with John Ritchie, Nancy Greene, Al Raine and members of the Canadian National Ski Team, as well as footage of the race itself.

Warsteiner World Downhill & Super G Races Media Guide

  • YANISIW-02-005-002
  • Item
  • March 1994
  • Part of CJ Yanisiw

Media Guide for the Warsteiner World Downhill & Super G Races held on March 5-6 and 12-13, 1994 at Whistler Mountain. It contains contact information for race staff, lists of Race Organizing Committee members, a provisional schedule of events for March 1-13, articles about skiing and ski racing, and results for men's and women's ski events over the 1993-94 season.

Contents include:

  • Contacts
  • Race Organizing Committees
  • Whistler Mountain Ski Classic - Provisional Schedule of Events, March 1-13, 1994
  • "Warsteiner New Title Sponsor."
  • "A Classic Returns."
  • "The Dave Murray Downhill - New names for an historic course."
  • "Ski Classic Aids Future Racers."
  • "World Cup Tougher Than Ever."
  • "Safety Manouveres - Staging the Whistler Mountain Ski Classic."
  • "Racers Pick a Number."
  • "A Century of Ski Racing."
  • Fact Sheet: Women's events
  • Sergio Tacchini Alpine World Cup 1993/94: Women
  • Women's World Cup Results 1993/94
  • Medalists and Top Canadians in previous World Cup downhills in Canada (women)
  • "Women in Ski Racing - A Canadian tradition of winning."
  • "Women in Charge at Whistler."
  • Fact Sheet: Men's events
  • Sergio Tacchini Alpine World Cup 1993/94: Men
  • Men's World Cup Results, 1993/94
  • Medalists and Top Canadians in previous World Cup downhills in Canada (men)

Week of March 1, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to awards in school gym; cross-country skiing; Molson World Cup of Downhill 1982; bands playing; Peter Mueller; Serge Lang; restaurant; ski races; Whistler Mountain; World Cup podium; Team Canada; David Jowin; Whistler West fire; Dave Murray signing autographs for children; world cup concessions; Whiski Jack fire
Appears in March 4, 1982 issue:
02-217-199. Pg. 1. Caption: What a race, what a day! The best of the best (L-R) Dave Irwin, Peter Mueller and Steve Pwdborski -- salute Saturday's cheering crowd with the trophies, Paul Morrison photo.
02-217-341. Pg. 8. Caption: [top left] Mike Dixon, Snow remover, White Gold Estates resident
02-217-342. Pg 8. Caption: [top middle] Mike Jakobsson, Heli-skiing guide, White Gold Estates resident
02-217-345. Pg. 8. Caption: [top right] Shelley Jardine, Whistler Officer Services, Alpine Meadows resident
02-217-339. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom left] Carol Simmie, Municipal Parking Attendant, White Gold Estates resident
02-217-335. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom middle] Doug Fox, Land Company Vice President of Finance, Emerald Estates resident
02-217-348. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom right] Linda Beverley, Grocery Store Stock Manager, Alpine Meadows resident
02-217-63. Pg. 11. Caption: Thousands upon thousands of spectators jam Whistler Village Square for the World Cup presentations.
02-217-330. Pg. 14. Caption: b-sides (l-r) Tony Fernandez, R.6 Herron and Danno Five-O rock the socks off a packed house at Myrtle Philip School Saturday, February 27.
02-217-144. Pg. 15. Caption: Doug Bennett and fellow slugs gave the crowd what they paid for and more during two performances at the Longhorn Feb. 24-25.
02-217-249. Pg. 18. Caption: Gr...Grrr great gorillas, Batman! Some people went just plain ape over the World Cup at Whistler.
02-217-11. Pg. 19. Caption: Volunteers hoist a few after a job well-done.
02-217-28. Pg. 21. Caption: Getting waxed for the World Cup cross country race held Sunday, Feb. 28.
02-217-208. Pg. 23. Caption: Charred porch and water-streaked walls at Whiski Jack condo which caught fire on race day.
02-217-38. Pg. 24. Caption: [top] Competitors in cross country ski race held as part of World Cup weekend.
02-217-65. Pg. 24. Caption: [bottom] Group waves banners from second floor balcony at the Hearthstone while others are content to view the award ceremonies from their lofty perch.
02-217-286. Pg. 25. Caption: Gary Raymond, one of many volunteers who helped out during World Cup, directs traffic at the Village Centre.
02-217-92. Pg. 26. Caption: Whistler's great grand-daddy of the boardsail set -- Mike Gadd.

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