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Vancouver First Nations
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Millennium Place Artists

Photographs of artworks and other accompanying material relating artists who lived and/or worked in the Whistler area and have submitted art to Arts Whistler, primarily in the 1990s.

Whistler Welcomes the World But ... at what cost? Pamphlet

Whistler Watch pamphlet entitled "Whistler Welcomes the World But ... at what cost?" produced during the lead-up to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It details the environmental, social, and democratic costs of the Games, including habitat loss due to construction, pollution caused by transportation, increased energy and water usage, generation of waste, shortage of housing, financial costs, erosion of the civil liberties of those opposing the Games, violence against women, the heightened nationalism of sport, and the use of unceded First Nations territory. It also includes a list of proposed changes for future Olympic games and ways that people can take action.

Jennings, Sara