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Ivan Dancing at the Train Station

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0004
  • Item
  • 31 Aug. 1938
  • Parte de Philip Fonds

This photograph shows a large group of people gathering on the platform of the train station. Ivan Ackery is at the center of the photograph, dancing with a female partner. Onlookers are Alex Philip and Freddie Fatkin.

On the reverse of the image is the following annotation: "Good Boy Ivan Alex, Freddie Fatkin"

House on Alpha Lake

This photograph shows a house on Alpha Lake in the wintertime with two women standing in front of it. The annotation on the reverse of the photograph reads, "House on Alpha Lake." The house appears to be Dr & Grace Naismith's house, although this is unconfirmed.

The two women are possibly Myrtle Philip and Grace Naismith, as referred to in the card catalog for PHILIP-1986-0006 (stored as WMA P86.006 PHILIP).

Skookum and Kii at Alta Lake

These two prints (A, B) from the same negative show Alta Lake in the winter time, with several people and dogs on the frozen surface of the lake. In the foreground is a woman (possibly Myrtle?) and two dogs identified as Myrtle's dogs Skookum (collie) and Kii. In the deep background is another dog and two other people.

Alta Lake in Summer

A view of Alta Lake in the summertime, with the snowcapped peaks of the surrounding mountains visible.

Aerial view of Alta Lake

This aerial photograph shows Alta Lake with surrounding mountains, including Black Tusk in the distant background (top right of image).

View of Alta Lake from Rainbow Mountain

The annotation on the reverse of the photograph reads, "View of Alta Lake from the mountain. Taken while on our wonderful holiday at Rainbow."

Diving Float at Alta Lake

This photograph of Alta Lake, looking North from Rainbow Lodge was taken in the Summer. In the center of the image, a diving float is clearly visible.

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