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Trip to Lost Lake

Jean Tapley, Mrs. Baker and an unidentified man seated on a log with Lost Lake in the background. Dog "Skookum" in front. Inscription on face : "LOST LAKE"

Thirty people on a log

Thirty people sitting on a log at a Lost Lake picnic. Inscription on verso : "Lost Lake Picnic". The 6th from the front is George Thompson, the 7th from the front is Myrtle Philip.

Lost Lake

  • PHILIP-3-1986-1108
  • Item
  • [between 1938 and 1948]
  • Parte de Philip Fonds

Logging camp and mill from across Lost Lake. Inscription on verso : "Views of Lost Lake and the logging camp and Mill"

Alex on the lake

Alex Philip rowing on Lost Lake. Inscription on verso : "Alex / Lost Lake"

Freddy Fatkin

Unidentified man dressed as Freddie Fatkin at a Lost Lake picnic. Inscription written on paper adhered to verso : "Lost Lake picnic July 1939 "Freddie Fatkin"

George and Sadie

Group of six men and one woman. Five men are dressed casually. One man is in coat and tie and stands in the centre with the woman, who is in a dress coat and hat. The couple in centre are labelled in red ink as "George" and "Sadie" ; Inscription on verso : "This looks like a wedding [illeg] in the South Sea Islands, but it is just typical of the Rainbow Lodge atmosphere. / [illeg signature] / July 1939

Lost Lake picnic

Group of nine girls and one man at Lost Lake picnic. The girls have garlands in their hair and the man has a tall hat and long beard.

Picnicking at Lost Lake

Group of seven picnickers at Lost Lake. Inscription on verso : "Picnic at Lost Lake"

Myrtle & Agnes

Myrtle Philip with Agnes Harrop. Myrtle is on skis and Agnes is holding her skis upright. Inscription on verso : "Agnes Harrop + Mrs Philip"

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