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Portrait of Ivan Ackery

This colour photograph shows Ivan Ackery as an older man in what appears to be a bus.

On the reverse of the photograph is the following annotation: "'The' Ivan Ackery Friend of Myrtle's"

Myrtle and Maison Philip with Horses

This photograph shows Myrtle and Maison Philip standing in front of a barn on the Rainbow Lodge property, each holding onto the reins for a horse.

Myrtle Skating on Alta Lake 1924

These two photographs show Myrtle Philip skating on a frozen Alta Lake. In the first one (A), she looks out into the distance, and is farther from the lens. The second print (B), shows her at a closer distance, looking into the lens of the camera. Both photographs are taken looking to the North.

South End of Alta Lake

This photograph shows the South end of Alta Lake in the Summer, with a boat visible on the water.

From The Top

This photograph is an aerial view of Alta Lake that includes Rainbow Lodge and the PGE Line.

Catch of fish

Negative of a day's catch of fishing at Rainbow Lodge. Appears to be the original negative.

Alta Lake from Rainbow Docks

A view of Alta Lake in the summertime. Taken from Rainbow Docks, with visible boats and a person.

First Snow on the Peaks from Alta Lake

Four photographs stored together, made from two negatives (two prints from each negative). They are only slight variations on the same image of snow on the mountain peaks as seen from Alta Lake, with the railway tracks in the foreground. On the reverse of one of the prints is the following annotation: "First snow on the peaks late Sept- 1978 Alta Lake".

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