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Cliff Fenner Fonds Wild flowers
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Field of flowers

Photograph of field covered with flowers and grass. Trees and mountains in background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Mountainside flowers

Photograph of man kneeling in flowers on side of mountain. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Slides 11

Photographs of a helicopter in a meadow and in a construction site, a pitched tent, a hiking trail, people melting snow on a rock into cups, Garibaldi Lake in the winter, discoloured snow, an aerial view of Brohm Ridge, a provincial park restrictions sign including 'no picking wildflowers' and 'no cutting trees', a train station, a house in a forested area, a meadow and trees with forest fire smoke in the background, hikers on a mountain with Table Mountain in the background, a helicopter taking off in a meadow, 3 people sitting in a meadow that is covered with wildflowers, a hiker above a lake, a hiker on a slope, and 2 people collecting samples.

FEN_02_02_008 and 014 labelled "[Brohm?] Ridge".

Slides 19

Photographs of wildflowers and 2 climbers on a mountain above Garibaldi Lake.

FEN_02_02_019_001 captioned "Garibaldi".

Slides 36

Photographs of trees, flowers, truck and trailer, marmot, ptarmigan, and pelicans.

10 slides are labelled with codes MINF and MIN and respective numbers that correspond with written documents (FEN_04_03_03).

FEN_02_02_036_001-002 labelled "Antelope Bush".
FEN_02_02_036_006 labelled "Yellow bellied Marmot".
FEN_02_02_036_007 labelled "Syringa Mock Orange (PHILADELPHUS LEWISII)".
FEN_02_02_036_008 labelled "[?] [?] II [River] [?]".
FEN_02_02_036_009 labelled "Panderosa Pine".
FEN_02_02_036_010 labelled "OPUNTIA FRAGILUS".
FEN_02_02_036_011 and 017 labelled "Ptarmigan".
FEN_02_02_036_012-013 and 019 labelled "C.A. FENNER 860 Evelyn Dr West Vancouver B.C.".
FEN_02_02_036_016 labelled "CALYPSO BULBOSA".
FEN_02_02_036_020 labelled "ERIOGONUM UMBELLATUM".

Garibaldi [1]

Photographs of Garibaldi Park including, but not limited to, mountaineering and skiing.

Each transparency has the code "GZ" with a respective number.

Wildflowers, Shrubs, etc

File contains details (descriptions, dates, and purchases) for 8 transparencies and 1 negative, using the codes "WF" and "NWF" to represent wildflowers. This record is organized in table format.

G. 2

Photograph of a man [Rene Widmer] standing in a field of wildflowers looking out at Garibaldi Lake.

G. 3

Photograph of a man [Rene Widmer] sitting in a field looking out at Garibaldi Lake.

Mountain stream

Photograph focused on vegetation beside mountain stream. Man is kneeling beside stream. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

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