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WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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Snowy Picnic on Opening Day

Despite driving snow, a large group of U.S. skiers are happily enjoying an outdoor picnic on opening day.

Peter Meuller Racing

A ski racer is seen from the side, airborne in the tuck position, with a large crowd gathered behind him.

Notes in a previous finding aid identify him as Peter Meuller, from Switzerland, racing in the Molson World Cup Downhill in 1982.

Group Portrait X'mas '82

A smiling group is shown posing in formal dress.

The annotation on the reverse of the print reads, "X'mas '82".

WMSC Commemorative Plaque

This photograph shows a brass commemorative plaque for chairlifts allowing access to the north side of Whistler Mountain.

Kids Skiing Top of Harmony Bowl

Three kids are seen skiing the top of Harmony Bowl. Notes on the reverse of the print give a title for the print, "One Sunny Day Spring 1982," and identify the kids as follows: "Daren 8 yrs, Steven 10 yrs, Tyler 10 yrs."

Clark, E.

View of Dave Murray Downhill Course with Spectators

A race course is shown lined with orange fencing. Large groups of spectators are lined up against the fencing.

A previous finding aid states that this is the Dave Murray Downhill course from 1982.

Dave Murray Skiing on Opening Day

Dave Murray is shown skiing. A typed note taped to the reverse of the print reads, "9: Ah, the joy of fresh snow. Whistler ski director Dave Murray gets in an opening day run."

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