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Alta Lake
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Sewall with woman and Mutt

Sewall Tapley with unidentified woman in snow on Alta Lake. Dog "Mutt" gazes adoringly up at Sewall.

Skating with dogs

Two people skating on Alta Lake with two dogs running behind. A third person watches at left. Mountains in background. Inscription on face : "ALTA LAKE . P.G.E.RY. / B.C."


View of Dryazell, the Harrop's cottage, across Alta Lake.

Cutting ice

Sewall Tapley with others, cutting ice on Alta Lake. Inscription on verso: "Cutting ice / Sewell Tapley in foreground, others are guests looking on / mid '20s Alta Lake / 'They cut the ice with an ice a big crosscut saw&#...

Rainbow in snow

View from the hill behind Rainbow, with frozen lake in background.

Jean Tapley riding with Myrtle

Jean Tapley and Myrtle Philip riding horses with Alta Lake in background, summer. Inscription on verso reads "Jean Tapley (sister to M) and Myrtle"

Sailing on Alta Lake

Sailboat in full sail on Alta Lake. Sewall Tapley is at the tiller and Jean Tapley is in the bow. Inscription on verso: "Mr. Tapley / Sewell"

Sewall on horseback

Sewall Tapley on a white horse, walking away from a corral in winter. Alta Lake & Wedge Mountain in background.

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