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Alex and Spot

Sewall Tapley sitting on the steps of his cottage on the Rainbow Lodge grounds with Spot the dog. Inscription on verso: "Sewell Tapley (Myrtles Father)"

Myrtle with Puppy and boy

Myrtle Philip with unidentified small boy and dog Puppy (as a puppy). The boy and Puppy are seated on a Campbell's Soup box on grass.

Frank Tapley with two cows

Frank Tapley, about 8 years old in Maine. He is leading two cows, with a woodpile behind them. Annotation on face : "Frank"

Dad in his vegetable patch

Sewall Tapley standing in his vegetable patch (in Maine) with orchards and other homes in background. Inscription on face: "Dad"

Frank and Jean on horseback

Frank (about 8 yo) and Jean (about 6 yo) Tapley on a horse (bareback). Sewall Tapley is holding the reins. Large woodpile behind.

John & Alex Philip in city dress

Alex & John (dressed in suits and overcoats) with Kihi on a city street. Inscription on verso reads "Alex & John Philip about 1910-11"

Woman with skis

  • PHILIP-3-1986-1047
  • Stuk
  • [191- or 192-?]
  • Part of Philip Fonds

Unidentified woman holding a pair of very long skis

Myrtle and Phil

Myrtle Philip and her brother Phil Tapley standing in Rainbow Lodge field. Father Sewell's house is in background.C.1 inscription on verso : 1919C.2 inscription on verso : Mrs. Philip + her brother Phil - 1915

Jean and Kihi

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0678
  • Stuk
  • [191-?]-[192-?]
  • Part of Philip Fonds

Jean Tapley sitting in front of cabin with dog Kihi. Annotation on verso: "Jean - Mrs Philips sister."

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