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Cliff Fenner Fonds Ski touring
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Slides 16

Portraits of Adam [Czerwicki?], Lloyd Brooks, Bob Williamson, Charlie [?], Marty Dunsmuir, Alta Lake in the fall, ski touring, a person waxing skis, wildflowers, sitting in snow pit, a snowcat and chalet on Diamond Head, Elfin Lakes, and Brandywin...

Garibaldi [5]

Photographs of Garibaldi Park, mostly of ski touring.Each transparency is coded with "GZ" and with a respective number.

Prints 9

Photographs of a man standing with climbing gear, 2 men smoking in front of a building, 2 men and 1 woman with luggage standing in a baggage area, and ski touring (skiers are far away from photographer).Caption on FEN_03_02_009_02: "Oliver 4&...

Prints 11

Photographs of Garibaldi Park, including snow-covered mountains and land, and ski tourers.

Prints 12

Photographs of Garibaldi Park, including snow-covered mountains and land, a group of ski tourers resting, and 1 man knelt down with mountains behind.

Prints 16

Photographs of 2 people sitting in a snow pit with a tin can in the snow beside them, a ski tourer, an unidentified man in front of a Squamish bus, and a group of people standing on the grass between two buildings.FEN_03_02_016_04 labelled in albu...

Prints 32

Photographs of a trail in a forest, flooded trees, dispersed crowds of people in flooded Maple Ridge Park, and 2 men ski touring and snowshoeing.FEN_03_02_032_02 labelled in album as "Floods 1955".

Slides 43

Photographs of the Port Renfrew coast, a logging bridge, a large group seated outside for a ceremony, birds on beach, ski touring at Mount Baker, and a sunset over the Fraser River.All slides are coded MIN and respective numbers that correspond wi...

Slides 4

Photographs of Table Mountain, Warren Glacier, ski touring at Black Tusk, helicopter check at Garibaldi Lake, Black Tusk, whiskey jacks and ski gear, ski tourers crossing a creek, Garibaldi Mountain, skiers, fishing, skiers in meadows at Black Tus...

Slides 14

Photographs of a lake in winter, a view from Diamond Head Lodge, an animal [possibly an ermine or weasel] in snow, ski touring, an aerial view of Garibaldi Mountain, a person looking toward Diamond Head Lodge with mountains in the background, skie...

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