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16mm Film

Various ski films with Jim McConkey, which include educational videos, ski videos,

Ski Films

Various ski films from Jim McConkey's personal collection. Some are films with McConkey in them and others are just general ski films that he owned.

Ski the Outer Limits

Ski video from 1968 which includes many types of ski racing and competitions including; slalom, giant slalom, downhill, and big jumps. This video acts somewhat as an instructional video as well giving many tips for skiers on form and technique.

This film was filmed at multiple ski resorts such as; Vail, Chamonix, Jackson Hole, Taos, Chamrousse, Megève, and Kitzbühel.

The skiers in the film are; Arthur Furrer, Roger Staub, Herman Gollner, Thomas Leroy, Bill Peterson, Jean Mayer, Dadou Mayer, Roger Bozon, and Harry Frishman

Alpine Ski Technique

A Douglas Sinclair instructional ski film. This film includes techniques for all levels of skiers, and teaches the proper form and techniques used by skiers. The film was shot in St. Jovite, Quebec, at Mont Tremblant, and it also takes place in Whistler, BC.

The instructors in the film are; Wayne Bradburn, Elise Albers, Fred Albers, and Jim McConkey.

Marker Ski

Footage of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. The video was sponsored by Marker, maker of ski bindings, the footage takes place in Austria and Germany, specifically at ski resorts such as Garmisch, and Kitzbühel.

The racers seen are; Ingemar Stenmark, Phil Mahre, Klaus Heidegger, and Franz Klammer

Ski Nanny

An episode of the show Ski Nanny, which was hosted by Bob Cram and aired on Chanel 5 Seattle, also known as King 5 TV. This show showcased many ski resorts in North America and in this episode Cram goes to Tod Mountain to go skiing with Jim McConkey, who shows him some powder skiing and some jumping.

Invitation to Skiing

Ski video to promote skiing to people. It was produced by Warren Miller, and supported by the National Ski Areas Association, Ski Industries America, and Coca-Cola. The video is trying to convince people to come out and ski by showing all the possibilities of things to do on skis. They also show all the advantages to skiing, such as being a family activity. They show that people of any athletic ability can ski, they also show that it isn't as expensive as people think.

Ski Total

The French ski instructors' union presents the French alpine ski team, or how to become a champion. Physical training starting in the fall, skiing techniques and competition preparation. Takes place in the French Alps and displays a variety of ski disciplines such as racing, slalom, and downhill.

Skiings Freedom

Ski film showing all the different things you can do on skis, whether thats just learning and taking it easy, or doing a freestyle type of skiing, like ballet, bump, or aerial, or even going further and going heli-skiing or backcountry skiing.

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