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Cliff Fenner Fonds Ski touring
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Garibaldi Park

Photographs of Garibaldi Provincial Park, including but are not limited to ski touring, mountaineering, snowshoeing, photography, camping, scenery, a floatplane on a lake, a plaque in memory of William J. Gray (first ascended Black Tusk in 1912), ...

Garibaldi Park

Photographs mostly of mountaineering, camping, trail-building, construction, and ski touring in Garibaldi Park, but also in Maple Ridge and Golden Ears.


Photographs taken by Clifford Fenner from his work in Garibaldi Provincial Park and his travels in British Columbia, the United States, and Colombia.

Slides 4

Photographs of Table Mountain, Warren Glacier, ski touring at Black Tusk, helicopter check at Garibaldi Lake, Black Tusk, whiskey jacks and ski gear, ski tourers crossing a creek, Garibaldi Mountain, skiers, fishing, skiers in meadows at Black Tus...

Prints 34 - ski tourers

Photographs of ski tourers: 1 sitting in snow, 1 standing above a snow pit, and 3 standing and measuring snow.

Prints 33 - ski touring and snowshoeing in Garibaldi Park

Photographs of two men sitting in snow in front of trees, 2 men standing in snow (one in skis) with snowshoes propped in the snow, Black Tusk Meadows in winter, and a man standing on a snowy hill with gear (snowshoes, poles, skis, and bags) on the...

Prints 32

Photographs of a trail in a forest, flooded trees, dispersed crowds of people in flooded Maple Ridge Park, and 2 men ski touring and snowshoeing.FEN_03_02_032_02 labelled in album as "Floods 1955".

Prints 16

Photographs of 2 people sitting in a snow pit with a tin can in the snow beside them, a ski tourer, an unidentified man in front of a Squamish bus, and a group of people standing on the grass between two buildings.FEN_03_02_016_04 labelled in albu...

Prints 11

Photographs of Garibaldi Park, including snow-covered mountains and land, and ski tourers.

Prints 12

Photographs of Garibaldi Park, including snow-covered mountains and land, a group of ski tourers resting, and 1 man knelt down with mountains behind.

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