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  • GRI-01-42-040
  • Dossier
  • [c. 1980-1989]
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of downtown Vancouver, people skiing, a team photograph for a rugby team, and a group of people sitting in the snow leaning against their skis.


  • GRI-01-42
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1974-1999
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of Andy and Bonnie Munster's cabin and the party they had to burn it down, firefighting, parties, logging, Howe Sound, Charlie Doyle, Kenny Feller skiing, Earl Haisen, Ski Scamps, skiing, Kids Kamp, Willie Whistler, Mark Angus, blasting near Whistler Mountain Ski Club, canoeing and running [Great Snow Earth Water Race?], freestyle skiing and ski ballet at the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, awards, Stephanie Sloan, aerial photography of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, snow-golf, construction, Brandywine Falls, musicians playing at Rendezvous Lodge, Catskinner Chair, catskiing, Skidder Chair, squatter settlements and cabins, glaciers, hiking, Vancouver views, a rugby team photograph, the filming of the movie Up River (1979), Greg Griffith, dining, costumes, the Skunk Cabbage Review band playing, tennis at Whistler Resort & Club, municipal council, Village Square, cars, and the Fireman's Ball event.


  • GRI-01-40-017
  • Dossier
  • [c. 1979-1985]
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of people sitting on a chairlift, a child, Creekside area with the Gondola Barn, early Whistler Village (includes Blackcomb Lodge), and views of downtown [Vancouver?] streets.


  • GRI-01-40
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1974-2007
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, Whistler Mountain, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Blackcomb Mountain, etc.


  • GRI-01-36-015
  • Dossier
  • Dec 1974 - Sep 1981
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of the Vancouver skyline at sunset, snow-covered trees, the beach and ocean, sunset over the ocean, Howe Sound, a person on the beach with an umbrella and ocean in the background, a wooden fence, a seagull flying, a view of Wedge Mountain, other mountain views, and a close-up of a lake with plants.


  • GRI-01-36-014
  • Dossier
  • November 1978 - November 1982
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of nature close-ups that include: flowers, trees, plants, frost-covered grass, leaves, and creek beds. Also includes photographs of the Vancouver skyline at sunset.


  • GRI-01-36
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1978-2007
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of skiing, snowboarding, mountain views, heli-skiing, Whistler Village, backcountry skiing, Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, etc.


  • GRI-01-25-020
  • Dossier
  • [c. 1980-1992?]
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of Nicklaus North Golf Course, Chinese New Year in Vancouver, mountain biking, hiking the Musical Bumps Trail, Howe Sound, trail to Burnt Stew Basin, cross-country skiing, powder skiing, skiing the Saudan Couloir, canoeing on Alta Lake, Blackcomb Mountain, Chateau Whistler Golf Course, Alta Lake, and a slow-moving creek.

001-003: "Nicklaus North Golf Course Whistler B.C."
005: "HOWE SOUND, B.C."
006-007: "Mtn. Biking Whistler, B.C."
008: "Hiking Musical BumpsTrail Cheakamus Lake"
009: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Trail to Burnt Stew Basin Skiers: D.Stone & K.Wright"
010: "X-C skiers Whistler"
011: "Powder skiing Whistler Skier: Valerie Land"
012: "Winter/Blackcomb/Ski Skiing on Saudan Couloir Skier: Mark Morrison"
013: "Whistler, BC."
015: "Blackcomb Mtn Whistler, BC"
016: "Summer/Whistler Canoeing on Alta Lake Blackcomb Mountain behind"
017-018: "Chateau Whistler Golf Course Whistler B.C."
019: "Alta Lake Whistler"
020: "Whistler, BC."


  • GRI-01-25
  • Sous-série organique
  • 1978-2007
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of skiing, mountain views, snowboarding, aerial shots of the valley, mountain biking, and chairlifts.

Week of April 25, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to protest against nuclear arms; sewer construction; playing tennis; portraits; downhill skiing; Schloss Laderheim Dual Mogul Classic; moguls; Bartosik; Whistler Mountain lift construction; bathing suits; art
Appears in April 28, 1983 issue:
02-312-184. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Bill Runge of Whistler Mountain Ski Corp. fastens down the village's newest signs on Monday reminding ski enthusiasts to keep heading south to the Gondola side of the mountain.
02-312-47. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] A couple of swipes from Jack Demidoff's bulldozer April 22 and the bottleneck at the bottom of lower Gondola run on Whistler Mountains is no more. The run was being widened on both sides, so look forward to new open spaces next season.
02-312-271. Pg. 6. Caption: [top] Claus Speikermann, New Democratic Party.
02-312-212. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] John Reynolds, Social Credit.
02-312-276. Pg. 7. Caption: [top] Mort Graham, Liberal.
02-312-281. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom] Neil Thompson, Progressive Conservative.
02-312-115. Pg. 11. Caption: [top] Three of the key players in Schloss Laderheim Dual Mogul Classic on Whistler's Raven run Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24. (l-r) Organizer Al Karaki of Pacific Sun Productions, Tom Sinister of Whistler, winner of the recreational division and Bruce Schmidt, national sales manager for Calona Wines.
02-312-103. Pg. 11. Caption: [bottom] A top-notch mogul basher takes one of the two required air times in his run down Whistler's Raven run in the Schloss Laderheim Dual Mogul Classic on Sunday, April 24.
02-312-166. Pg. 13. Caption: Got the summertime blues of what to wear this season? Not if you were at The Keg's Fashion Show Sunday, April 24. Carol Foster of Vancouver was just one of the many attractive models sporting the latest in "totally awesome" looks for the months ahead.
02-312-86. Pg. 14. Caption: [left] Rob (Robbo) Hancox, Maintenance Man, Alpine Meadows.
02-312-75. Pg. 14. Caption: [middle] Dave Shaw, Student, Emerald Estates.
02-312-66. Pg. 14. Caption: [right] Dave Roberts, Bar Assistant, M.D.C.
02-312-36. Pg. 17. Caption: [top] Vancouver Alderman Bruce Erickson leads marchers into Sunset Beach Park April 23.
02-312-29. Pg. 17. Caption: [bottom] Peace marchers crowd Hornby Street.
02-312-179. Pg. 18. Caption: Irises -- a three-panel water color by Rosemary Crawford.
02-312-80. Pg. 20. Caption: Greg Meredith has been appointed General Manager of The Keg at Whistler. Meredith was general manager at The Keg, Burnaby for 18 months and worked at The Keg, Granville Island before that.

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