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Newspaper, Magazine, and Ad Clippings

Newspapers and magazines that contain photographs and other material by Greg Griffith, including:

  • 001: Whistler - The Magazine Summer/Fall 1999 issue (in full)
  • 002: Clippings containing Whistler photographer profiles (including Greg Griffith) from an unknown magazine
  • 003: Ski Canada Magazine Media Kit folder featuring an image by Greg Griffith
  • 004: Motorland Magazine November/December 1982 cover clipping featuring a Greg Griffith photograph, accompanied by a letter from John Holgren (Motorland Magazine) to Greg Griffith regarding payment for use of the image
  • 005: Powder Magazine, February 1982 featuring Whistler resort and Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises advertisements using Greg Griffith's photos
  • 006: Advertisements from an unidentified magazine using Greg Griffith's photos, including Jim McConkey Ski Shop, Tourism BC, Apex Alpine, and Whistler resort
  • 007: Ski Canada magazine cover, November 1981 and Canada Ski Directory cover, 1981/1982 featuring cover photos by Greg Griffith
  • 008: TV Week article on Whistler [1980s], The Globehopper magazine cover, January 1982, and Ski BC magazine cover, October 1981, featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 009: Western Living Magazine, November 1981, cover and articles featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 010: Article by Greg Griffith titled "Skiing Canada's Great Unexplored" from an Australian magazine [1980s?]
  • 011: Whistler Magazine (full copy with back cover cut out), Winter 1980
  • 012: Ski Canada, Spring 1991 article and a Skier (Chinese version) magazine article featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 013: Western Living magazine article on heli-skiing featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 014: Western Living magazine article on skiing in BC, November 1981, featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 015: Ski Canada Freestyle magazine, 1980/1981, articles featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 016: Ski Canada magazine article [1980s] featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 017: Whistler Answer Vol. 2 No. 10, Whistler Winter News (Whistler Question) October/November 1978, The Royal Hudson Dispatch, Whistler Answer Vol. 3 No. 13, Whistler Answer Vol. 3 No. 24, and Whistler Answer Vol. 2 No. 9 front covers featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 018: Whistler Magazine, Winter 1982, articles and Whistler Creek Lodge advertisement featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 019: Whistler Inn Resort & Club and Blackcomb Lodge advertisements featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 020: Twin Lakes Village advertising article featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 021: Twin Lakes Village and Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises advertisements featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 022: German/Swedish Ski Tours magazine cover, Winter 1977/1978, featuring a photo by Greg Griffith
  • 023: Dynastar skis advertisement featuring a Greg Griffith photo of Stephanie Sloan skiing, and a Swedish article featuring a photo by Greg Griffith
  • 024: Powder Magazine, December 1977, article by Greg Griffith
  • 025: Powder Magazine, November and December 1978, featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 026: Molson World Cup Downhill 1979 Official Publication featuring photos by Greg Griffth
  • 027: Westworld (Molson) magazine, Spring 1979, cover featuring photo by Greg Griffith
  • 028: Powder Hound magazine, Spring 1979, articles featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 029: Ski People profile on Greg Griffith [misspelled as Griffin]
  • 030: Kuoni Winter Holidays advertising magazine, 1980-1981, featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 031: CP Air advertising magazine featuring photos of Whistler destinations by Greg Griffith
  • 032: Super Natural BC, Canada (Tourism BC) magazine articles and Snow (Westworld supplement) magazine article featuring Greg Griffith's photos of skiing
  • 033: Magazine article by Greg Griffith titled "Heli-ski: A History of Guiding from Goats to Powder Cowboys"
  • 034: Snow Magazine, November/December 1979, article and photographs by Greg Griffith on heli-skiing
  • 035: Magazine article on skiing featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 036: Vancouver Magazine (Vancouver Today), November 1981, article on skiing featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 037: Western Living Magazine, November 1980, skiing article featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 038: Vancouver Magazine (Vancouver Today), November 1981, article on skiing featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 039: The Globehopper Magazine article on skiing in Whistler featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 040: Canada Ski Directory, 1981/1982, featuring a photograph of a helicopter taken by Greg Griffith
  • 041: The Province newspaper, advertisement for Apex, and advertisement for MacGregor Pacific Realty featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 042: SuperNatural BC Tourism BC advertising booklet profiling ski resorts in the province featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 043: Smithers, BC promotional brochure featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 044: Whistler Resort Association Rumours newspaper supplement featuring a photograph taken by Greg Griffith
  • 045: Pamphlet designs for Whistler resort and Blackcomb Lodge featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 046: Alta Lake Estates (Adventures West) concept and promotional booklet featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 047: Whistler Mountain full-page advertisement featuring a photograph taken by Greg Griffith
  • 048: Labatt World Cup Freestyle Championship (1980) program, Whistler resort advertisement, and Blackcomb Mountain advertisement featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 049: Promotional brochures for Whistler Heli-Ski, Whistler Inn, The Vale, Whistler Resort & Club, and Tantalus Lodge featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 050: WestWorld Magazine, April 1984, featuring a cover photo taken by Greg Griffith
  • 051: Promotional brochure for Garibaldi Highlander Hotel and promotional postcard for Whistler Creek Lodge featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 052: Blackcomb Mountain promotional brochures featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 053a-b: Twin Lakes Village promotional booklets featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 054: "Getaway to Whistler" Whistler resort promotional booklet featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 055: Blackcomb Mountain promotional magazine from the 1985/1986 season featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 056: Promotional photo booklet titled 'Whistler: Photography by Greg Griffith' with a blue cover
  • 057: Photo of Whistler Peak with ski tracks on it and a group of skiers having a picnic in the foreground
  • 058: Promotional photo booklet titled 'Whistler: Photography by Greg Griffith' with a purple cover
  • 059: 'This Month' magazine profiling Whistler and Howe Sounds featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith featuring skiing


Photographs of the 1989 Molson World Cup Downhill ski races. Includes downhill, telemark, and speed skiing races, podiums, and ceremonies.

Entire Subseries found in a folder labelled "RACING" by creator.


Photographs of Whistler's municipal council (Pat Carleton, Kris Shoup, Sid Young, Terry Rodgers, Mark Angus, Doug O'Mara), Ski Esprit, the Vancouver Ski Team, Umberto's Cup Airline Challenge ski race, Ken Wesman paintings, the opening of Le Gros (Pascal Tiphine's restaurant), Whistler Village, catskiing, a party at Roundhouse Lodge celebrating the opening of its new deck, the opening of The Keg restaurant, the Longhorn Saloon & Grill, portraits, group portraits, the fire department outside the Fire Hall, paramedics and emergency services, trampolining at Adventures West for Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp, sailing and canoeing on Alta Lake, avalanches, signs, Peak Chair, Whistler Bowl, street entertainment in Whistler Village, Whistler Peak, Crystal Ridge, Crystal Ridge Hut, and Whistler Express Gondola.


Photographs of skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, Whistler Mountain, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Blackcomb Mountain, etc.


Photographs of fireworks at the Resort Municipality of Whistler's 20th Anniversary, Highway 99, swans on Alta Lake in the Winter, ceremonies in the village, and the 1989 World Cup of Downhill Skiing. Features racers Reid, Bill Johnson, Steve Podborski, and Ross Rebagliati.

003: "REID"
005: "BEST-10 (4-COL.) SCAN TO LASER"
011: "HIGHWAY 99"
012: "HIGHWAY 99"
013: "HIGHWAY 99"
017: "Swans Alta Lake Whistler"

Molson World Downhill 1982 Magazine

The Molson World Downhill (Whistler Mountain, February 27, 1982) magazine.
Table of Contents:
2 Canadian Alpine Ski Team
3 Premier's Message
4 Mr. Eric Molson's Message, Dr. Peter Andrew's Message
6 Acknowledgements
8 Organizing Committee, World Cup Rules, Schedule of Events
10-11 World Cup to Date
13 Competitors Picture Page
15 Ken Read Story, "This is Whistler" Section
18 The Course
20 1981 Final World Cup Standings
22 Skiing for Medals, National Team Coach John Ritchie
26 The Competitors
28 Race Results Chart
28 How to Watch the Race

Includes information on the story of the World Cup Race, the World Cup rules, the Schedule of Events, past World Cup results, the top competitors, an article on the resort town of Whistler, and article on downhill skiing by Ken Read, map of the course, an article about Molson skiing and information about how and where to watch the race.

Whistler Traveller Winter/Spring 2009/10

Tourism magazine providing information on the many amenities Whistler has to offer for the Winter and Spring seasons.

Table of Contents:

p. 16: Whistler - welcome to sea to sky country!
p. 52: Squamish - the outdoor adventure capital of Canada
p. 70: Pemberton - the fertile valley to the north

p.8, 10: Local Vibe - Whistler style
p.12: Local Raves & Faves - Lauralee shares her Whistler favourites
p. 14: Why Don't You - try this!

p. 24: Eternal Flame - the story behind the Olympic torch
p. 28: Olympic Mascots - the characters of the games
p. 74 - Proud To Be Canadian - Hosting the 2010 Winter Games
p. 78 - Gold Rush - Paralympic Profiles

p. 58: Dining & Entertainment - an array of culinary delights
p. 60: What's Hot
p. 65: Chef Profile
p. 68: Liquid Dessert - Icewine
p. 70: Choose Wisely - Oceanwise

p. 96: Eastern Therapy - shiatsu healing
p. 100: Heavenly Soak - hot tub etiquette

p. 56: The Vanished Village - what lies beneath

p. 42: Ski Trail Map
p. 44: Cross-country Ski Map
p. 108: Local Maps

p. 80: Shopping - take home a local treasure
p. 88: Native Arts - priceless tradition

p. 30: Things To Do - plan your adventure
p. 36: Backcountry Adventures - adrenaline pumping fun
p. 46: Winter Wonderland - off the slope adventures
p. 52: Lost & Found - the call of the brave

p. 106: Whistler Events - what's happening during your stay

p. 86: Cougars - what you need to know if you encounter this local resident

Warsteiner World Downhill 1995 Official Program

Table of Contents:
5 A History of the Whistler World Cup
15 The Weasels - Whistler's Volunteer Army
18 The Home Team
26 The Away Team
33 The Warsteiner Legend
34 Festivities
36 Course Map
38 Boyd's Eye View
40 World's Fastest Kids
42 Murray's Memory
The official program for the 1995 Warsteiner World Downhill which includes a history of the Whistler World Cup, an article about The Weasels, a profile on the Canadian athletes competing, as well as selected foreign athletes to watch. A history of the Warsteiner sponsorship of the Whistler Mountain Ski Classic, an overview of the World Cup Week festivities, a map of the course and a guide to watching the races, an article by Rob Boyd describing the course, an article about the world's fastest kids, an article about how the memory of the Crazy Canucks lives on, as well as a number of local advertisements.

Duplicate donated by Mary Newman, accession number WA_2016_014

Whistler Traveller Magazine 2012

Whistler Traveller magazine from summer/fall 2012.
Table of Contents:
16 Whistler - Welcome to Sea to Sky Country
22 Before Whistler Was Whistler - A look back at Whistler's pioneers
32 Pure Whistler Adventures - Mountain playground for thrillseekers
37 Improving your Ride - Honing your mountain biking skills
40 Rainbow Lake Trail - Discover a treasure
44 Get on Board - Stand up paddleboarding
48 Black Beauties - Insight from Whistler's Bear Man
52 Tips from the Pros - Sharpening up your game with the local pros
59 Destination: Relaxation - Unplug, unwind and rejuvenate
66 Kitchen Q & A - Executive chef Stufano
69 Passion of the Sea - Discovering BC oysters
76 BC Wines - Your guide to the bes
80 Seeing Stars - Heavenly nights in Whistler
90 Winged Intelligence - Getting to know the clever ravens
92 RCMP - Law and order Canadian style
94 Pemberton - Discovering the fertile valley
96 Squamish - Exploring the outdoor recreation capital of Canada
106 Vancouver - The city
8, 10 Vibe - This 'n that ... Whistler style
12 Raves & Faves - A local's perspective
74 What We Love Now... - Try these!
26 Endless Activities - Your guide to adrenaline pumping fun from atv rides to ziplines
62 Epicurean Indulgence - Where to go for everything from apres to artisan steak
84 Shopping - Check out the latest in fashion, art, gear and more
100 Whistler Events - What's happening
102 Local Maps - Find your way around Whistler Village and surrounding areas

Articles in the magazine include information on: sustainability, wildlife, Whistler amenities and things to do in the area, Whistler's pioneers, summer adventure activities, mountain biking, the Rainbow Trail, stand-up paddle-boarding, black bears, golf courses, spas in the Whistler area, recommended places to eat and drink, oysters, a BC wine guide, seeing the stars in the Whistler area, shopping in Whistler, Ravens, the RCMP, Pemberton, Squamish, a calendar of events and a map of Whistler Village.and an article about tourist attractions in Vancouver.

Don MacLaurin

  • MACLAURIN_2017_011
  • Fonds
  • 1929 - 2013

Fonds contain the records of Don MacLaurin. MacLaurin was involved in the forestry industry of British Columbia, taught at BCIT, and was heavily involved with the Resort Municipality of Whistler. He was in several forestry associations, including the Canadian Institute of Forestry, British Columbia Foresters, and the Forest Nursery Association of British Columbia. MacLaurin created the Whistler Interpretive Forest. MacLaurin also completed assessments for private developers. Included in the fonds are his personal records.

Most of the records were created in the Whistler region.

MacLaurin, Don

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