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Negatives Sheet 1

Photographs of the Canada Day Parade and construction in Whistler Village.1-2. Truck in Canada Day Parade.3. Mountie riding in Canada Day Parade.4. Horse pulling a man in a travois in Canada Day Parade.5. Logging truck in Canada Day Parade.6. Hors...

Week of September 20, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to exercising on a mini trampoline and with weight machines; punching bags; portraits; Whistler Cay Heights; golfing; construction; band playing; roads; children's activities; drinking at a pub; cars; hou...

Whistler Area Information Office

Documents collected and created by Sonya McCarthy through her work at the Whistler Area Information Office, including pamphlets, booklets, correspondence, business cards, and other promotional items.

Prints 008-010

Photographs of a snowy road with a house in a wooded area, an unidentified group of condominiums, and an unidentified building under construction.

Prints 033-036

Photographs of construction in Whistler Village, including an unidentified site, the Whistler Conference Centre, and road construction on one of the mountains.

Prints 013-016

Photographs showing people walking along a road with construction barriers on it, a house on the edge of a construction site, and a construction site along Fitzsimmons Creek.

Prints 005-008

Photographs showing a construction site around Fitzsimmons Creek, a road and a bridge over the creek from various angles, and stages of construction.


Documents donated by the Racey family regarding the RMOW's Heritage Plan, Gondola Area Study, the building of Highway 99, and the procurement and maintenance of their plot of land near Wayside Park on Alta Lake. Donated by Alison Apps (nee Ra...

Week of September 27, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to totem carving; golf course; portraits; whitewater kayaking; choir singing in Whistler Village; barbecue; construction; bison; mountain views; costumes; horses; rivers; trampolining; driving; Sean Connery fi...

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