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Group photograph of Jardines and Gebharts

Photograph of, from left to right: Jenny Jardine; Thomas Neiland Jr; Howard Gebhart; Robert Jardine, and Lizzie Neiland.

The inscription on the verso reads "My mum Lizzie, Bob Jardine, Howard Gebhart, Tom Neiland, Jenny Jardine Neiland Betts, horse Bill 34 1/2 mile [S&Q] Rly Po".

Bob Jardine with a large felled tree

Photograph of Robert Jardine standing next to a large felled tree. The inscription on the verso reads "Bob Jardine at Horstman's, Alpha Lake, Hydro right of way log. 1940." The tree, which stood on Harry Horstman's property, was felled by Horstman on the request of the PGE Railway who felt it was in danger of falling on the tracks.

Jerry Betts with fish

Photograph of Jerry Betts with a catch of fish. The inscription on the verso reads "Jerry Betts, grandson of Lizzie Neiland - on bridge across Millar Creek at Mile 34 1/2, about 1948." The inscription on the recto reads "Jerry".

Street photograph of Tom Neiland

Street photograph of Tom Neiland. The orignal text on the verso has been obscured by black paper glued to the back from when the photograph was glued into a photo album, however, a there is a partially-visible date that may be "Oct. 1944".

Street photograph of Lizzie Neiland and friend

Street photograph postcard of Lizzie Neiland and an unknown female companion taken by "Movie Snaps, 541 Granville St." The verso of the card has a letter from Lizzie to her grand daughter Louise Betts dated September 3rd, 1946. Much of the letter has been obscured by black paper glued on the back after being glued into a photo album. The recto of the card reads "Aug. 1946".

Jack and Donald Jardine

Jack Jardine holding his infant son, Donald. The inscription on the verso reads "Jack Jardine, Donald Jardine (baby) mile 34 1/2 on north side of railway, winter 1947-1948."

Betts family

Photograph of Jenny Betts with her children Louise, Sam, and Jerry and a cousin of the children's, Alfred. The annotation on the recto reads "Us again" and on the verso reads "Janet Betts, Louise Betts, Sam Betts, Jerry Betts, Alfred Betts (cousin), about 1947 at 34 1/2 mile."

Neiland / Betts Family

Photograph of Lizzie and Tom Neiland with Louise, Sam, and Jerry Betts. Jerry Betts is the baby held by Lizzie. The family dog is also in the picture. The inscription on the verso reads: "Tom Neiland, Lizzie Neiland, Sam Betts, Louise Betts, Jerry Betts (baby), 1944".

Bob Jardine with his kill

Two identical prints of Robert Jardine crouched with a deer that he has presumably shot. He is holding a rifle. The annotation on the verso of the first (a) photograph reads: "19th Oct '45, Bob Jardine, Robert L." The verso of the second (b) reads "Fall Season, 1945, Robert Jardine".

Irene and Rose Cantera

Photograph of Irene and Joan Cantera with Alta Lake Station in the background. The inscription on the reverse reads "May / 46 Canteria girls, Irene and Joan."

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