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Dennehy, Kelty Patrick
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Drive Fore Life 2006 Booklet

A invitation booklet from the 5th Annual Drive FORE Life Golf Tournament Fundraiser put on by The Kelty Dennehy Foundation at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. The booklet includes the Foundation's mission statement, information on previous fundraising, the story of Kelty Patrick Dennehy, facts about depression, the schedule of the event, a list of funding and sponsorship opportunities, a list of top donors from the past, and information about registration. Found in a scrapbook

Ticket for Event At Buffalo Bill's

A ticket from an event held at Buffalo Bill's Bar and Grill in support of The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation on Friday September 9, 2005. The event features a concert of Fabulous George & the Zodiacs. The ticket sold for $25 and features an image of Kelty Patrick Dennehy. The back of the ticket is labelled "26" in handwriting. Found in a scrapbook.

Drive FORE Life Advertisement and Schedule of Events

A small advertisement for The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation's 4th Annual Drive FORE Life Golf Tournament Fundraiser at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler on September 10-11, 2005. The aim of the event is to educate and fundraise for programs for teenage depression. The advertisement features a photo of Kelty Patrick Dennehy. The back of the page lists the schedule of events for the evening, including dinner and an auction. Found in a scrapbook.


Two books documenting Kerry and Ginny Dennehy's experiences dealing with their son's (Kelty Patrick Dennehy) suicide after years of depression and their daughter's death in Thailand, their resolve to start the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation to educate and provide mental health resources for young people, and their cross-Canada cycle to raise awareness and money for the cause.

Choosing Hope : a mother's story of love, loss, and survival

Accession number WA_2015_023_01

A book by Ginny Dennehy relaying the experiences as she dealt with the suicide of her son Kelty, and death of her daughter Riley eight years later as a result of a heart attack.

The summary on the back cover reads: "Ginny Dennehy's world turned upside down when her son, Kelty, in the grip of depression, committed suicide at the age of seventeen. Just eight years later, her daughter, Riley, died of a heart attack in Thailand. Candid and deeply moving, Ginny's story conveys the message that even in the wake of unspeakable tragedy, there is hope."

Biographical Sketch on back cover: "Ginny Dennehy is devoted to maintaining her children's legacy through the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation, which works to prevent depression-related suicide in young people, while supporting projects such as the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre. She lives with her husband, Kerry, in Whistler, British Columbia."

Handwritten dedication on title page recto reads: "To our community of Whistler, may there always be hope, no matter what happens." Signed by Ginny Dennehy.

WELL into the Future magazine - Lions Gate Hospital Foundation

Accession number: WA_2015_023_06
Lions Gate Hospital Foundation's 'Well into the Future' 2014/2015 issue, in which Kerry and Ginny Dennehy are listed as benefactors in the 2014 Chairman's Circle Membership section on page 14, and a newspaper insert featuring a thank-you to The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation on behalf of the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation for the initiative to establish The Kelty Dennehy Mental Health Resource Centre.

The State of Mental Health in Canada

Accession number: WA_2015_023_03
Pamphlet listing statistics on the state of mental health in Canada and a short description of what The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation aims to do.

Dennehy and Hume honoured as pillars of B.C. with Diamond Jubilee medals

A newspaper article from the Whistler Question entitled "Dennehy and Hume honoured as pillars of B.C. with Diamond Jubilee medals." The article discusses the medal awarded to Ginny Dennehy for her work raising awareness about mental health through the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation and Rick Hume for his years of work with the sport of downhill skiing. Found in a scrapbook.

Hockey photo of Kelty Patrick Dennehy

A small photo of Kelty Patrick Dennehy wearing a Notre Dame hockey uniform and holding a hockey stick. An inscription on the back reads "Our beautiful boy Kelty Patrick Dennehy Nov. 23, 1983 - March 2, 2001." Found in a scrapbook.

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