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Tapley, Sewall Douglas Dogs
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The Tapley family

Myrtle Philip, Phil Tapley, Margaret Tapley Esworthy, Jean Tapley & Sewall Tapley (L-R). Dogs Kihi, Skookum & Spot. Annotation on verso : "Dad - Jean Margaret Phil & MP / Dogs : Ki - Skookum & Spot"

Alex and Spot

Sewall Tapley sitting on the steps of his cottage on the Rainbow Lodge grounds with Spot the dog. Inscription on verso: "Sewell Tapley (Myrtles Father)"

Sewall in a punt with Mutt

Sewall Tapley and Mutt in a boat on Alta Lake. Inscription on verso: "Mr Tapley 'Dad + dog Mutt' / punt-like flat boat - used for duck hunting / Ducks used to come by thousands. Built a blind around boat & let it drift. / 1931? [crossed out & replaced with 1924]

Sewall, Alex & Jean

Sewall Tapley, Alex Philip & Jean Tapley on the back porch of Rainbow Lodge. Sewall is holding a rifle and Alex & Jean are holding axes. Skookum is sitting next to Jean and Kihi is running in foreground. Several annotations on verso: "On trip to Lost Lake, 1916. ; Jean & Dad & Alex 1916" ; remaining annotations illegible.

Sewall with two dogs in a boat

Sewall Tapley rowing a boat on Alta Lake with two dogs (Mutt and another) in the bow. Inscription on verso: "Mr Tapley 'Dad + dog Mutt'"

Sewall and Myrtle on the cottage step

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0722
  • Item
  • [between 1916 and 1918]
  • Parte dePhilip Fonds

Sewall Tapley and Myrtle Philip, seated on the steps to Sewall's cottage. Skookum standing in front. Myrtle is aiming a rifle. Inscription on verso: "The well trained [shot?] must have helped to crack that bottle - next time I'll bring my own rifle that behaves the way I like. Chagrin caused me to destroy this negative - I CAN shoot straight

Sewall with puppies

Sewall Tapley with a litter of puppies in front of the Alta Lake store in snow. Unknown man on porch. Inscription on verso: "Dad + pups"

First winter at Rainbow Lodge

  • PHILIP-3-1986-1055
  • Item
  • [1914 or 1915]
  • Parte dePhilip Fonds

Winter view of Rainbow Lodge with Sewall Tapley and Skookum. Note adhered to verso [later removed] : "First Winter for Rainbow Lodge 1914-1915. Sewall D. Tapley + dog 'Skookum'"

Sewall with woman and Mutt

Sewall Tapley with unidentified woman in snow on Alta Lake. Dog "Mutt" gazes adoringly up at Sewall.

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