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Man Posing in Gondola Car

A man is seen posing in what appears to be a gondola car. This photograph is date stamped with "25.2.64," and was likely taken at the 1964 Winter Olympics held in Innsbruck, Austria.


Bill Barratt Fonds

  • WA_2016_042
  • Fundo
  • 2002-2010

Planning booklets from the Resort Municipality of Whistler including Five-Year Financial Plans from the Resort Municipality of Whistler and 2010 Olympic Winter Games framework summaries, reports, and budgets.

Canadian ski racer in Lake Placid

Photograph of a ski racer wearing a black helmet and a Molson Canadian suit in Lake Placid [possibly for the 1980 Winter Olympics].


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Certifications and Awards

This file contains:
Dave Murray Lake Placid, NY participatory award from Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark.
Dave Murray Lake Placid, NY participatory award from the Canadian Olympic Association.
Dave Murray Pilot's Certificate of Merit for flying accident free.
Dave Murray Blackcomb Ski Club award for Outstanding Character, Sportsmanship, and Integrity, naming Dave Murray as honourary lifetime member of the Blackcomb Ski Club.
Tourism Industry Association of Canada awarded to the 1982 Crazy Canucks.
Dave Murray Certificate of Participation in the 1988 Calgary Winter Games Canadian Torch Relay.
Dave Murray Certificate of Achievement in Effective Communication.
Dave Murray City of Abbotsford Certificate of Appreciation.
Dave Murray Canadian Ski Coaches Federation Level III Coaching Certificate.
Dave Murray Olympic Club Canada Participatory Certificate.

Second accession (WA.2010.007):

  1. Certificate from participating in the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid
  2. Certificate from Olympic Club Canada recognizing Dave Murray as an Olympian
  3. Certificate from 1982 World Cup [Dave's last race?]

Olympic Sea to Sky Checkpoint Permit

A Sea to Sky Highway Checkpoint permit from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. One side contains a barcode and blank space to indicate the date to which the permit is valid. The back side has instructions for displaying the permit in a vehicle and instructions about valid use.

Correspondence and Invoices

Correspondence and invoices regarding sale and printing of photographs, potential for the Garibaldi region as an Olympic venue, and the inclusion of Haney in Garibaldi Provincial Park boundary.

B.C. Motorist Magazine, January-February 1967

The January-February 1967 (Vol. 6, No. 1) issue of B.C. Motorist Magazine published by B.C. Automobile Association containing the following articles:
"Teenage Drivers"
"Whistler - Hottest Ski Area in Canada"
"The Driving Lesson"
"Electric Autos Coming Back?"
"New Life for Old Totems"
"Fasten Your Seat Belts, Please!"
"Lake Country and Ghost Towns"
"Fishermen and Fish - The West Coast Troller"
"A Walk to Siwash Rock"
"Campbell River Loves the Sea"
"A Man and His Fossil Mountain"
Cliff Fenner used tabs on cover page and on pages 4 and 6 to indicate his photographs used in the magazine. These photographs are of Black Tusk, construction of the village in Whistler, and Dag Aabye (ski acrobat) on Whistler Mountain.

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