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Walter Zebrowski Interview

Interview in summer with Walter Zebrowski outside his home at 7 Cavendish Way, Whistler Highlands. He talks extensively about his life and war experiences.
This tape also includes the Rotary Club roast from 1985

Canada Day Parade

Footage of the first Canada Day Parade at Whistler in 1993

Picnic Shelter Alta Lake

Footage of the Rotary Club picnic shelter
Rainbow Lake, Alta Lake
Construction progress

TV Station Maintenance, Flood December 1980

Footage of de-icing of TV station
Helicopter trips to the top of Sproatt
CBC feature report on the development of early Whistler, hosted by Laurier LaPierre, many locals were interviewed such as Walter Zebrowski, Pat Carleton, Jim McConkey, and others.

Rotary Club Roast August 1, 1995

Launch of Walter Zebrowski's autobiography 'In Search of Freedom'
Paul Burrows hosts remembering Walter Zebrowski at 82

Golf at Whistler, 1983

Arnold Palmer on the golf course, makes comments about the course.
Whistler Promo Summer Jazz Festival 1983
The Great Summer Get Away, Promo
Get Away to Whistler


A collection of VHS films belonging to Walter Zebrowski

Eva Lake, Feeding the Fish

A photograph of Walter Zebrowski feeding the fish at Eva Lake in 1995. The photograph was used for his funeral and celebration of life.


Two pamphlets for Walter Zebrowski's celebration of life. Including a photograph of Walter feeding fish, and a writeup of his life.

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