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Myrtle and Puppy

Myrtle Philip with a rifle on the porch of the Alta Lake Post Office. The dog Puppy is looking up at her. Inscription on verso : "1915"

On the Snow, Red Mountain

Lena Hanson, Myrtle Philip and Bill MacDermott, in hiking gear, standing in snow on the slope of Red Mountain (Fissile). MacDermott holding rifle. Annotation on face : In the Snow, Red Mountain" ; on verso : "about 1928"

Cecil Hutchinson on a glacier

Annotation on the reverse reads "Cecil Hutchinson on glacier up Fitzsimmons Way, 1920 or near." On the front of the photograph is written "Jean".

Cecil was the timekeeper at the construction camp and sawmill. He moved to Alta Lake in 1915.<sup>1<sup>

Sewall, Alex & Jean

Sewall Tapley, Alex Philip & Jean Tapley on the back porch of Rainbow Lodge. Sewall is holding a rifle and Alex & Jean are holding axes. Skookum is sitting next to Jean and Kihi is running in foreground. Several annotations on verso: "On trip to Lost Lake, 1916. ; Jean & Dad & Alex 1916" ; remaining annotations illegible.

Jean, Alex & Beatrice

Jean Tapley, Alex Philip & Beatrice Lennie with Skookum & Kihi on the back porch of Rainbow Lodge. Jean is holding a rifle. Annotation on verso : "On trip to Green Lake / 1916 / Jean T Alex Bea Lennie & Ki - the dog"

Alex with rifle

Alex Philip with rifle, sitting on snow. Unidentified woman with him.

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