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Black Tusk
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Week of August [?], 1978

Photographs including but not limited to baking cookies; Construction; driving; Black Tusk

Week of January 27, [1981?]

Photographs including but not limited to mountaineering; views from the peak; Black Tusk
Appears in January 29, 1981 issue:
02-127-9. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Dotted line shows original path of 99 across Culliton Creek causeway before December 26 flood wiped it out. Large arrow indicates bridge still unusable when this photo was taken last week. Small arrows indicate where flood waters tore hole through detour on January 21.
See also 02-140 and 02-142 for complete photo caption listing of January 29, 1981 issue.

Brem - Tusk 38 1973

Photographs of Tokum Corners dock, Pacific Great Eastern railway tracks in front of Tokum Corners, a 1951 Mercury panel truck, (Uncle Truck), Whistler Lodge, sailing on Alta Lake, Black Tusk, Bruce Prentice, and Lost Lake.

Alta - Tusk

Photographs of skiing on Black Tusk and Drew Tait (3/2/97/44).

Rod Wants A Print.

Photographs of T-Bar #2 after it was moved from the bottom of the mountain, Black Tusk, Red Chair, and skiing on Whistler Mountain.

Jun 70

Slide film of Mid Station from Red Chair, George Benjamin’s canoe, Doug Gardiner, and Black Tusk.

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