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archivistische beschrijving
Group of Happy "Rainbowites"
PHILIP-3-1986-0003 · Stuk · Jul. 1939
Part of Philip Fonds

This photograph shows a group of friends and visitors at Rainbow Lodge. George McRae is in the top row, second from the left and Ivan Ackery is in the bottom row, again second from the left.

A note signed "Geo," dated July 1939 on the reverse of the photograph states, "Dear Alex: - another group of happy "Rainbowites." Doesn't "commander" James look topping, and hasn't Jayne that alluring Rainbow smile? If only Ivan could see this picture! oh-hum?"

Zonder titel
Family Ski Day
WMSC-01-01-1989-0003 · Stuk · [c. 1960s]
Part of Whistler Mountain

Photograph shows a woman and man in ski gear posing for the camera. Strapped to the man's back is a young child.

PHILIP-3-1986-0004 · Stuk · 31 Aug. 1938
Part of Philip Fonds

This photograph shows a large group of people gathering on the platform of the train station. Ivan Ackery is at the center of the photograph, dancing with a female partner. Onlookers are Alex Philip and Freddie Fatkin.

On the reverse of the image is the following annotation: "Good Boy Ivan Alex, Freddie Fatkin"

Portrait of Ivan Ackery
PHILIP-3-1986-0005 · Stuk
Part of Philip Fonds

This colour photograph shows Ivan Ackery as an older man in what appears to be a bus.

On the reverse of the photograph is the following annotation: "'The' Ivan Ackery Friend of Myrtle's"