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With digital objects WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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Smiling Woman Skiing

This photograph shows a woman skiing down a run with the surrounding bowls and peaks visible.

Lunch at the top of the Chairlift

A group of skiers eating lunch, gathered outside a hut at the top of a lift.

Notes on the back give a specific category ("Relaxation") as well as a title ("Lunch at the top of the Chairlift").

McTaggart, Dorse

Skiers Relaxing in the Sun

A group of skiers is seen lounging on chairs they made out of their skis and poles on a sunny day. One skier stands smiling in the background.

Annotations on the reverse read, "Relaxation, relaxing in the sun."

McTaggart, Dorse

Teaching the Snowplow

A male instructor is seen showing a female student how to correctly do the snowplow on skis.

Notes on the back give a category ("Instruction") as well as a title ("Teaching the Snowplow").

McTaggart, Dorse

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