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Avec objets numériques Anglais WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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Snowy Picnic on Opening Day

Despite driving snow, a large group of U.S. skiers are happily enjoying an outdoor picnic on opening day.

WMSC Commemorative Plaque

This photograph shows a brass commemorative plaque for chairlifts allowing access to the north side of Whistler Mountain.

Alta Lake 1973

A view of Alta Lake and the surrounding snow-capped peaks, taken from the shore.

The annotation on the reverse of the print reads, "1973 Alta Lake Property of Garibaldi L."

Pierre and Margaret Trudeau on Stairs

This photograph shows Margaret and Pierre Trudeau dressed in ski gear, descending a set of stairs. It is one of many showing the couple on their honeymoon in Whistler in 1971.

An annotation on the reverse reads, "Whistler News, pg. 3"

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