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Cliff Fenner Fonds Vancouver
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Photograph of park, with buildings behind, at U.B.C. Label: "U.B.C. October 1949."

Lists of photographs on display

Lists of colour prints on display at the Gallery of Photography and the Unitarian Church in Vancouver. Photographs that were on display were taken in many different areas in British Columbia.

List of places

List of 50 places with years, possibly corresponding with photographs by Clifford Fenner. This page was found outside of any folder or envelope but is part of collection.

35 mm MIN

File contains details (descriptions, dates, and purchases) for 340 slides coded with "MIN", "MING", and "MINW" that corresponds with most slides found in collection (FEN_02_02...). MIN stands for Miniature, G stands for Garibaldi, and W stands for Whistler. This record is organized in table format.

Photo Order Notes

File contains documents pertaining to the prices and payment for photographs taken of the regions in BC, Alberta, and the United States. Areas include but are not limited to Garibaldi, Squamish, Pemberton, Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Alaska Highway, Kootenays, Cariboo, the Rocky Mountains, and Idaho. File also contains specific invoices regarding the sale of Garibaldi Park photographs to publisher Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., along with the business card of Marilyn Sack, of Douglas & McIntyre Ltd.

Photo subject list

File contains a list of places and general subjects photographed by Clifford Fenner with details of format (size of transparency or negative). List is divided in regions with specific areas photographed. Regions include Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Canyon, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands, Howe Sound, Squamish, Pemberton, Sunshine Coast, Okanagan, Merritt, Similkameen, Thompson River, Kootenays, Revelstoke, the Rocky Mountains, Selkirks, Cariboo, Chilcotin, Highway 16, Peace River, Northern B.C., Yukon, and Alaska. General subjects include but are not limited to bridges, campsites, flowers, glaciers, rock faces, skiing, trees, and winter scenes.

Drawn map of BC areas, Garibaldi focus

Photograph of a drawn map of Garibaldi Park and surrounding area, extending to Lower Mainland, Lytton, Pemberton, and Jervis Inlet. Glass slide is framed with blue tape.

Slides 41

Photographs of Butchart Gardens, a lake and mountains, marmots, sunset at Howe Sound and [Georgia Strait], ocean waves, China Beach, and a bulldozer.

16 slides are labelled with codes MIN and NDM and respective numbers that correspond with written documents (FEN_04_03_02 and 04).

FEN_02_02_041_001 and 003 labelled "Butchart Gardens".
FEN_02_02_041_002 labelled "BUTCHART".
FEN_02_02_041_005 labelled "GODETIA SYBIL SHERWOOD".
FEN_02_02_041_012 labelled "HOWE SOUND/70".
FEN_02_02_041_013-015 labelled "HOWE SOUND OCT/70".
FEN_02_02_041_016-017 labelled "Sunset WV".
FEN_02_02_041_018-019 labelled "CHINA BEACH VI".
FEN_02_02_041_020 labelled "HD 21 Cascade [Fir] BC".


File contains details (descriptions, dates, and purchases) for 109 photographs of the Vancouver area, using the code "L" that stands for Local. This record is organized in table format.

Gallery of Photography Fenner exhibit card

Card from the Gallery of Photography in Vancouver about Clifford Fenner's Color Photography exhibit that ran from February 16 to March 7, 1973. Attached to card is a postcard of one of Fenner's fishing on Garibaldi Lake photographs.

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