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Alta Lake
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Alta Lake 1973

A view of Alta Lake and the surrounding snow-capped peaks, taken from the shore.

The annotation on the reverse of the print reads, "1973 Alta Lake Property of Garibaldi L."

Group of Happy "Rainbowites"

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0003
  • Pièce
  • Jul. 1939
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

This photograph shows a group of friends and visitors at Rainbow Lodge. George McRae is in the top row, second from the left and Ivan Ackery is in the bottom row, again second from the left.

A note signed "Geo," dated July 1939 on the reverse of the photograph states, "Dear Alex: - another group of happy "Rainbowites." Doesn't "commander" James look topping, and hasn't Jayne that alluring Rainbow smile? If only Ivan could see this picture! oh-hum?"

McRae, George

An Evening's Catch in Miller Lake

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0007
  • Pièce
  • 1908
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

This photograph depicts a man standing behind a line strung between two trees. The line is hung with a large catch of fish, while the man stands smoking a pipe gazing off into the distance.

Annotations on the reverse of the photograph read: "An evening's catch in Miller Lake in 1908- before railway was built, by Frank Burnett." A separate note reads, "Alpha Lake?"

Burnett, Frank

Skookum and Kii at Alta Lake

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0009
  • Pièce
  • 1915
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

These two prints (A, B) from the same negative show Alta Lake in the winter time, with several people and dogs on the frozen surface of the lake. In the foreground is a woman (possibly Myrtle?) and two dogs identified as Myrtle's dogs Skookum (collie) and Kii. In the deep background is another dog and two other people.

Spring Flood at Alta Lake

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0011
  • Pièce
  • [192-]
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

This photograph shows a flooded Alta Lake, with a portion of the Rainbow Lodge property overtaken by the water. An unidentified woman stands in the water.

Alta Lake in Summer

A view of Alta Lake in the summertime, with the snowcapped peaks of the surrounding mountains visible.

Myrtle Skating on Alta Lake 1924

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0021
  • Pièce
  • 1924
  • Fait partie de Philip Fonds

These two photographs show Myrtle Philip skating on a frozen Alta Lake. In the first one (A), she looks out into the distance, and is farther from the lens. The second print (B), shows her at a closer distance, looking into the lens of the camera. Both photographs are taken looking to the North.

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