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Tapley, Jean Elizabeth
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Whistler Museum & Archives Society Calendar Diary 1988

A Whistler Museum & Archives Society 1988 Calendar Diary. Contains monthly calendar pages from January-December 1988. Also contains numerous archival photos and captions as listed below;

  • "1921 Peak Experience viewing 7th Heaven?" : Alex and Myrtle Philip (in dark clothes) guide guests on a day's hike from Rainbow Lodge.
    -"She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes ..." : Myrtle Philip poses with officials of the Pacific Great Eastern (P.G.E.) railways by the 1935 ford with flanged wheels used to travel on the railroad.
    -"Whistler's First Hotel" : 1926 Deluxe accommodation - the Alta Lake Hotel - built and operated by Russ Jordan near the Alta Lake P.G.E. station near the south end of Alta Lake.
  • "Bring your own knap-sack" : Green Lake General Store: Saddle & Pack - J.C. Rougier, prop.
    -"Teddy Bear's Picnic!" : May 1926: Orphaned "Teddy Bear" was raised at Rainbow Lodge by Myrtle Philip. When grown, he was 'retired' to the Stanley Park Zoo in Vancouver, B.C.
  • "You should have seen the ones that got away!" : The day's catch: Myrtle Philip and guests at Rainbow Lodge, Alta Lake, B.C. c.1915.
    -"Ivan's Workout - Rainbow Style" : Ivan Ackery of Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre fame was a frequent guest at Rainbow Lodge, Alta Lake, B.C. c.1930.
  • "The Happy Gang" : The first picnic of the Alta Lake Community Club was held in 1923 at Rainbow Point. Mr. Harry Horstman presided with the coffee pot.
  • "Early Local Trapper":
    -August 1911: Lou Penniston and Myrtle Philip (right) pose with Charlie Barbour and John Miller (centre) at Mile 34 1/2 on the P.G.E. Railway - now the site of Function Junction. Miller Creek, named for John, flows southward from Alpha Lake.
    -John Miller and Charlie Barbour with Alex Philip (right) stand in front of Miller's cabin and chicken house. This recorded the first visit by the Philips to the Valley after a long walk from Squamish. John rented out bunks at 50¢ per night to travellers.
    -"On the Edge"
    • Sept. 10, 1923. Neal Carter on Wedge Mountain with Alta Lake showing in the background.
    • Sept. 12, 1923. Charles Townsend on the summit of Mt. Turner viewing Turner Glacier.
  • Myrtle and "the boys" trail riding at Rainbow Lodge, Alta Lake, B.C., with Armchair and Wedge Mountains in the background.
  • "Horsepower" : (Left to Right): Jack Jardine, Tom Neiland, Pat O'Neill and Jenny Jardine logging out poles in 1931 on Neiland's Ranch at Mile 34 1/2 near today's gravel pit at Function Junction. Wedge and Armchair Mountains show in the distance.
  • Christmas holidays in the 1920s at Rainbow Lodge, Alta Lake, B.C. :
    • Jean Tapley, followed by her sister Myrtle Philip skiing down "Lorimer Road".
    • Guest with Jean and Myrtle waiting for the train at Rainbow Station with the "Bridge of Sighs" in the background.
      -Mr. & Mrs. Coleman from Seattle with Myrtle, 1923.
    • Skating on Alta Lake, looking north.
      -"Peace, quietness and graciousness lives in the lives of those who have made this spot their home"
      The last pages also include a request for donations of pertinent material to the Museum and Archives, a brief history of the Alta Lake Community Club, Photography acknowledgements and a thank you for purchasing the calendar.

91 candles

Myrtle's birthday, with 91 candles lit. Pictured (l-r) are Margaret, Virginia, Harry, Cherie, Edith, Jean, Myrtle. Inscription on verso : "At the Beach Cottage / Edith Cherie Virginia / March 19 -- 91 candles -- Jean Margaret / I need help -- to blow / Myrtle --"

Three Graces

Myrtle Philip, Margaret Esworthy & Jean Tapley sitting on a couch. Inscription on verso : "At the Cottage -- Three Graces -- 1982"

Off Verginia & Ernie's verandah

Myrtle Philip, Margaret Esworthy, Virginia Tapley & Jean Tapley looking over the railing of a deck, the day before Myrtle's 91st birthday. Inscription on verso : "Off Virginia & Ernie's verandah / March 18 - 1982 - / Myrtle Margaret Virginia Jean"

The Tapley sisters at the "new house"

Margaret Esworthy (l), Jean Tapley & Myrtle Philip (r) on the front deck of the "new house." Myrtle has a walker and Jean has a cane. Inscription on verso: "Front of new house / 3 sisters --"

Myrtle's 91st birthday

The Tapley family, about to enjoy a cracked crab feast to celebrate Myrtle Tapley Philip's 91st birthday. Pictured (l-r) are : Virginia, Myrtle, Margaret, Jean, Edith, Harry, and Cherie (on floor). Inscription on verso : "1892 [sic] / At the Beach. March 18 - 19 - 20 / About to have a cracked crab feast to celebrate 91st birthday of Myrtle - Virginia Myrtle Margaret Jean Edith Harry / Cherie"

The Tapley daughters

Margaret Esworthy, Myrtle Philip and Jean Tapley standing on the verandah of the West Side Road house. Myrtle with walker. Inscription on verso : "1978"

Plan of Subdivision of Portions of District Lot 1755, District Lot 3862 and Lot 13 (Except Portion Included in Plan 12721) Of District Lot 4753 (Plan 12521), Group 1, New Westminster District

A plan of the Whistler Cay district neighbourhood from 1969. The plan shows the subdivision of lots, although roads, with the exception of the Garibaldi Highway, are unnamed. A legend appears in the bottom left-hand corner and the plans are signed by the owners of the land, the Approving Officer Department of Highways, the City of Vancouver Land Surveyor, the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, and the Land Registry Office. The scale is 1 inch = 100 feet.

Jean Tapley with her friend, Alice

Photograph of Jean Tapley and another woman. The photograph was printed from a negative in Nov 1959, but the original photograph was taken earlier.

The reverse is annotated with the following note: "I couldn't resist sending you this picture. I found the negative among some pictures. Wish I new [sic.] the date when it was taken. Maybe you can guess. It must have been a long time ago for you look so young - ha ha - merry christmas, alice."

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