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Group at Rainbow Station
3-01-002 · Item · [1932]
Parte de Jardine / Betts / Smith fonds

Photograph of a group of people standing at Rainbow Station. Left to Right: Bob Jardine, Pat Woods, unknown, Myrtle Philip, Charlie Lundstrum, Betty Woods holding her son Kenny Woods, [Vern Lundstrum or Jack Woods], Alex Philip, and [Fred Woods].

The annotation on the verso reads "Bob Jardine, Pat Woods, about 1932; Myrtle Philip; Charlie Lundstrum; Betty Wood and Kenny; Vern Lundstrum; Alex Philip."

3-05-001 · Dossiê · April 7, 1995
Parte de Jardine / Betts / Smith fonds

Letter from Jenny Jardine to Echo-Marie Fawks (nee Betts) and her husband, Don, written on April 7, 1995. In the letter, Jenny recounts her and her family's life living in the Whistler Valley between the 1900s and the 1940s - at Rainbow Lodge, Mons, Alpha Lake, and finally at 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area]. Stories she recounts include their relationship with the Philips and Harry Horstman, hikes on Sproatt Mountain and to Cheakamus Lake, mail delivery, schooling, scavenging berries along the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, and Howard Gebhart and her brothers' serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. She finishes the letter talking about her recent trip to Northern BC, the Yukon, and Alaska. The letter was enclosed in an envelope with notes written by Louise Smith regarding the letter's custodial history. The letter was given to Louise by Echo-Marie (Louise's cousin), who lived with her husband, Don, in Whistler from c. 1990 to c. 2012.

Alta Lake Community Club fonds
CA WMA 1987_002 · Fondo · [1923]-[1967]

Papers of Alta Lake Community Club comprising:

Folder 1 - Alta Lake 'Community Weekly Sunset' and 'Alta Lake Echo' newsletter 1959 v.2 no.1 to v.2 no. 38 (v.2 no. 18, 30 missing) Several issues distributed in v.2 have '?' as to the issue number. 'Alta Lake Echo' newsletter 1961 v.4 no.1 to v.4 no.9. 'Alta Lake Echo Special Edition.' Ratepayers open letter from the President January 25, 1967. 'Alta Lake Owl' January 24, 1967. 'Alta Lake Echo' 1960 v.3 no.1 to v.3 no.36. 'The Alta Lake Community Reminder' v.1 no.1 to v.1 no.42 with a 'History of Alta Lake: Dedicated to Alta Lake School' dispersed within various editions.

Folder 2 - Film and movie correspondence for the Alta Lake Community Club - Alta Lake Community Club library holdings and acquisitions - Bylaws and Constitution.

Folder 3 - Photocopies of Newspaper clippings related to the Alta Lake Community Club events in Whistler. Contains actual newspaper clippings as well.

Folder 4 - PGE Railway. Alta Lake School/Alta Lake Community Club land lease and rental receipts - Alta Lake Community Club agendas and minutes documentation (appears to be draft copies).

Alta Lake Community Club book of minutes.

Folder 5
Alta Lake Community Club business correspondence addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Philip, receipts, debit notes, freight bills, bills of lading, note from Betty Woods re: wedding cake, letter from Fred Woods declining gifts from Community Club, letter from Fred Woods discussing the possibility of making Alta Lake membership free, letter to Myrtle from J. Bailiff, Alta Lake Community Club By-laws and Constitution, Alta Lake Community Club letterhead envelopes, Canadian Bank of Commerce cheques.

Folder 6
Alta Lake Community Club business correspondence addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Philip, receipts, debit notes, freight bills, bills of lading, cheques, directions and guides (carpentry and hardware), bankbook, letter of resignation from [Nadia Bisson], letter from Fred Woods requesting cake and sandwiches for dance, receipts and letters re: piano and gramaphone and phonograph for Community Club

Folder 7
Community Club safety duplicating receipts, money order book, 2 receipt books, small lined logbook, burgundy community club meeting logbook, black meeting roll book, cash book, tabbed exercise books (2)

There are two other accessions found in the collection at a later date that also belong to this fonds:

WA_2009_011: Set of original newsletters put out by the Alta Lake Community Club, 1958-1961 including 'Community Weekly Sunset', 'Community Weekly Reminder and 'Alta Lake Echo'.

WA_2009_017: Recipe book produced by Alta Lake Community Club, Whistler, B.C. entitled 'Mountain Cookery'. Edited and coordinated by Joan Gross. Printed by Whistler Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd. c1960s-1970s.

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Alta Lake School Board fonds
CA WMA 1987_003 · Fondo · 1930-1980

Records of the Alta Lake School Board including:

'The Alta Lake School Gazette' photocopied editions from 1939.

Folder 1 - School District #48 miscellaneous correspondence regarding history and potential shut down in 1971 - British Columbia Department of Education Annual Reports for Alta Lake School (1934 to 1936).

Folder 2 - Alta Lake School insurance policies (1930s) - PGE Railway and Alta Lake School land lease agreement (1933) - Myrtle Philip school board insurance correspondence.

Folder 3 - 'Philosophy and Organization of Secondary Education in the Howe Sound Secondary School' presentation report (1968) - Miscellaneous correspondence - School board minutes (1976/77) - Thank you cards.

Folder 4 - 'Squamish Ethnobotany' report (1972) - Teachers and principals Bulletin No. 1 School District #48 (1973).

Folder 5 - High school graduation ephemera.

Folder 6 - British Columbia Department of Education Alta Lake School inspection reports (1930s) - Myrtle Philip correspondence regarding Alta Lake School (1930s).

Folder 7 - British Columbia Department of Education Alta Lake School inspection reports (1930s) - Teacher reports and salary contracts concerning Miss Margaret Partridge (1930s) - Medical inspections of Alta Lake School (1930s) - Bookstore and miscellaneous receipts - Alta Lake School textbook usage reports. Various correspondence.

Folder 8 - Receipts and correspondence pertaining to the building and foundation of Alta Lake School.

Folder 9 (Envelope 1) - Photograph of declaration to Myrtle Philip in recognition of pioneering and settling.
'Informational Report prepared for Howe Sound School District #48: Secretarial and Clerical Help [and] Auxiliary School Personnel' (1969).
Copies of The Alta Lake School Gazette (1939).

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MACLAURIN_2017_011-006 · Séries · 1962 - 1973
Parte de Don MacLaurin

Series contains records concerning the Alta Lake District Ratepayers Association (ALDRA). Series contains meeting notes, minutes, notices, and announcement flyers; ALDRA booklets; district map; ALDRA news files; correspondence; membership contact and payment information; a fire protection report.

Community Input
MACLAURIN_2017_011-008-031 · Dossiê · 1999 - 2004
Parte de Don MacLaurin

Documents concerning community input in the RMOW. The file includes correspondence; survey questions; comment forms; activity charts and data tables. One item of correspondence includes a list of nominations for Legends of Whistler.

Short History of the Garibaldi Area
MACLAURIN_2017_011-009-003 · Dossiê · 1986 - 1995
Parte de Don MacLaurin

File includes a document titled "A Short History of the Garibaldi Area and 'Indian Annies' Part in the Action," subtitled "Prepared (without prejudice) by Ian Barnet who cannot guarantee all the facts." Dates listed chronologically on the document begin in 1908 and end in 1986.

History of Whistler
MACLAURIN_2017_011-009-005 · Dossiê · 1997 - 2008
Parte de Don MacLaurin

Documents concerning the history of Whistler. File includes correspondence regarding a Whistler Forest History Project (also mentioned in MACLAURIN_2017_011_009_002); Whistler Blackcomb Historical Timeline covering 1960 - 2004; Whistler Lift and Blackcomb Lift specification charts; handwritten History of Whistler list; document titled "A Brief History of Forestry, Wildland Recreation and Whistler" covering 1980 - 1997; document titled "Whistler's Roots: The Origins of Our Old Forests" by Bob Brett; document section titled "Whistler's History" covering 1873 - 1989, taken from a larger document; documents from the Whistler Museum and Archives Society detailing aspects of Whistler's history; document titled "Observations on the Whistler area wildfires, 1919 - 1985"; charts, maps, and data regarding wildfires in the Whistler area; handwritten notes; chart titled "History of Cooperation/Coordination by Whistler with Agencies and Industry."

Don MacLaurin's Hand-Drawn Maps
MACLAURIN_2017_011-034-002-031 · Item · 1965 - 1980
Parte de Don MacLaurin

Item includes maps drawn by Don MacLaurin. The maps encompass the Callaghan Lake area; the Rainbow Lake area; the Twenty-One Mile Creek and Mount Sproatt areas. One map includes lot numbers and the names of people who own or lease the lots.

Philip Fonds
PHILIP · Fondo · [c. 1890]-1986

The fonds consists of personal papers of Myrtle Philip, including education documents, journals, diaries, banking records, certificates and passports, legal and property records, correspondence, birthday and recipe books, postcards of the Alta Lake/Whistler area, scrapbooks, reference material, and photographs. The photographs depict the Philip family, people (including guests at Rainbow Lodge), events, and scenes of the Whistler area. The fonds includes Alex Philip's manuscripts, as well as records relating to his estate. The fonds also includes records of Rainbow Lodge, including guest registers (1915-1947), a cashbook (1928-1952), employee records (1941-1948), invoices, and receipts.

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