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Looking East from Top of London Mountain

A hiker is seen looking out toward surrounding peaks in the spring or summer, when the snow has melted significantly. The annotation on the front reads, "Looking East from top of London Mountain," so this photograph must have been taken before London Mountain was renamed as Whistler Mountain in 1965.

View from Lookout to Bowl #1

A view taken from the lookout, which was to become the site for the Roundhouse, looking toward one of the surrounding snowy bowls. This photograph appears to have been taken during the spring, when much of the snow was melting.

Skier's View: A Pause at Evening

This photograph shows a skier looking out at the terrain below and in front of him.

Notes on the back give a category ("Skier's View") as well as a title ("A Pause at Evening").

McTaggart, Dorse

Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp 1969

A smiling group posing for the camera on a sunny day on the mountain.

Annotations on the reverse of the print read as follows:

"Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp - 1969 Summer

Back left: Dan Irwin (Can. Nat. team), Yves Benvene (Fr. Nat. team), Roddy Hebron (Can. Nat. team), Andy Schall (Rocky Mtn. Ski Champ.), Dag Aabye (Whistler Mtn.), Wayne Booth (Mt. Seymour), Toni Sailer (World & Olympic Champ.), Al Menzies (Apex Mtn.)
Front row: Alan White (Whistler; director Mt. Seymour), Nancy Greene (Can. & World Olympic Champ.), Karen Dotta (Can Nat. team), Colin Haffey (Can. Ski, S.A.), Roy Ferris (Director of Summer Camp).

Third Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp"

This photograph was published in Garibaldi News in the fall of 1969.

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