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Con objetos digitales WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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Off the Chair, and Time to Go!

This photograph shows a lift chair in the foreground, with skiers preparing to head down the hill in the background.Notes on the back give a specific category ("Relaxation") as well as a title ("Off the chair, and time to go!").

McTaggart, Dorse

Skiers Relaxing in the Sun

A group of skiers is seen lounging on chairs they made out of their skis and poles on a sunny day. One skier stands smiling in the background.Annotations on the reverse read, "Relaxation, relaxing in the sun."

McTaggart, Dorse

Coffee Break

This photograph shows a group of people setting up chairs in the snow made from skis and poles. Notes on the back give a category ("Relaxation") as well as a title ("Coffee Break").

McTaggart, Dorse

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