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Philip Fonds Tapley, Margaret May
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Tapley family

Photograph of the Tapley family at Rainbow Lodge: From L-R: Jean, Phil, Edith with Frank Tapley Jr; two unknown women, Virginia, Margaret Esworthy (nee Tapley) & Sewall Tapley.

Fishing from the log bridge

Margaret Tapley (later Margaret Esworthy<sup>1</sup>), Edna, & her husband Don McRae with dog Ki, fishing from the log bridge to Tracks, Myrtle's tent house. Multiple inscriptions on reverse: "Rainbow 1915 / Margaret / Don McRae & wife / Margaret Tapley (Myrtle's sister, Edna, (wife of Don) Don McRay."

Margaret & Jean Tapley

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0662
  • Item
  • [1902 or 1903]
  • Parte dePhilip Fonds

Professional portrait of Margaret (standing) and Jean (seated) Tapley. Jean is about 2 1/2 years old. Photographer's mark on folder : "Seybt / Castine, Me."

The Tapley sisters

Margaret Tapley Esworthy, Myrtle Tapley Philip, and Jean Tapley (L-R). Dogs Skookum, a pup & Kihi. Myrtle is 28 yo; Jean is 19 yo. Annotation on verso: "Myrtle / Margaret / Jean / 1919 / Skookum & Ki (the dogs)"

The Tapley family

Myrtle Philip, Phil Tapley, Margaret Tapley Esworthy, Jean Tapley & Sewall Tapley (L-R). Dogs Kihi, Skookum & Spot. Annotation on verso : "Dad - Jean Margaret Phil & MP / Dogs : Ki - Skookum & Spot"

Doreen, Myrtle & Margaret

Doreen Tapley (left), Myrtle Philip (centre) and Margaret [Tapley] Esworthy (right), walking in Vancouver.

The Tapley sisters at the "new house"

Margaret Esworthy (l), Jean Tapley & Myrtle Philip (r) on the front deck of the "new house." Myrtle has a walker and Jean has a cane. Inscription on verso: "Front of new house / 3 sisters --"

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