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Group at Rainbow Station

Photograph of a group of people standing at Rainbow Station. Left to Right: Bob Jardine, Pat Woods, unknown, Myrtle Philip, Charlie Lundstrum, Betty Woods holding her son Kenny Woods, [Vern Lundstrum or Jack Woods], Alex Philip, and [Fred Woods].

The annotation on the verso reads "Bob Jardine, Pat Woods, about 1932; Myrtle Philip; Charlie Lundstrum; Betty Wood and Kenny; Vern Lundstrum; Alex Philip."

Bob Jardine with his kill

Two identical prints of Robert Jardine crouched with a deer that he has presumably shot. He is holding a rifle. The annotation on the verso of the first (a) photograph reads: "19th Oct '45, Bob Jardine, Robert L." The verso of the second (b) reads "Fall Season, 1945, Robert Jardine".

Bob Jardine with a large felled tree

Photograph of Robert Jardine standing next to a large felled tree. The inscription on the verso reads "Bob Jardine at Horstman's, Alpha Lake, Hydro right of way log. 1940." The tree, which stood on Harry Horstman's property, was felled by Horstman on the request of the PGE Railway who felt it was in danger of falling on the tracks.

Macdonald's House - The Jardine/Neiland family's new house

Photograph of the Neiland/Jardine family in front of their new house at 34 1/2 mile [Function Junction area], formerly J. M. MacDonald's house. From left to right: Thomas Neiland Sr., Jack Jardine, Lizzie Neiland, Bob Jardine, and Jenny Jardine. The inscription on the verso reads "1924, our house at 34 1/2 when we 1st moved down from 35 1/2. House was built by J.M. MacDonald who was a faller and killed at [?] [?] rocks around house [?] [?] fields blasted [?] Rly road."

Jardine / Neiland children in Lizzie Neiland's garden

Two identical copies of the a photograph of [from left to right] Jenny Jardine, Flossie the dog, Jack Jardine, Tom Neiland Jr. and Bob Jardine in Lizzie Neiland's garden at 34 1/2 mile [Function Junction area]. The inscription on the back of the first photograph (a) reads "My mums garden, dog and kids, rly in background, 34 1/2 mile House." The inscription on the back of the second photograph (b) reads "my mums garden 34 1/2 mile Ranch, about 1930, dog Flossy, railway track, J. Betts."

Archibald Property on Alta Lake

Photograph of a building taken from across Alta Lake around 1930. The building is presumably that belonging to Ernie Archibald. The inscription on the verso reads "Archibald Place, Alta Lake, about 1930."

Neiland property

Photograph of the Neiland Ranch in the 1930s at 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area]. Annotation on the recto reads "34 1/2 Mile, PGE."

Neiland / Jardine Family Portrait

Photograph of the Neiland / Jardine family in 1924. From left to right: Jack Jardine, Lizzie Neiland, Jenny Jardine (standing), Thomas Neiland Sr., Thomas Neiland Jr., and Bob Jardine. The handwriting on the verso reads "1924".

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