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Witsend House
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5702 Alta Lake Road

Two handwritten notes, one form filled out by Florence and Andy Petersen, and an additional sheet of paper with handwritten anecdotes about 5702 Alta Lake Road, Lot 14. The handwritten notes list the owners of the property over the years, the form lists the price for which it was sold and who it was bought from. The additional sheet gives a much more detailed narrative of Andy and Florence Petersen's life in Whistler.

Prints 010-013

Photographs of Florence and Andy Petersen (duplicate of 007), a group of women at Witsend house from December 1955 [Caption reads "Jacquie Pope, June (Tidbull) Collins, Betty (Gray) Atkinson, Florence (Strachan) Petersen, and Eunice ("Kelly" Forster) Fairhurst." Name of house is written in pen on the photograph], a small group of people on the shore of Green Lake with a boat [Caption reads: "April 30, 1966"], and a group of adults and children sitting on a porch [Caption reads: "August 1955"].

Two handwritten pages of notes about various lots

Two pages of handwritten notes about 5638 (Lot 30), 5710 (Lot 12) and 5642 (Lot 29) on Alta Lake Road. The notes are about the current and former owners of the properties and how the houses were built and purchased.

5714 Alta Lake Road

Notes relating to 5714 Alta Lake Road, lots 10 and 11. Includes notes from a chat with Roger Stacey, correspondence with Florence and Andy Petersen, correspondence with Roger Stacey, and handwritten note from Ray Dove, and a memoir from Ray Dove about Woodbine Cottage.