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archivistische beschrijving
Hillcrest Lodge
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Map of Alta Lake

Photocopy of a map originally created by Alta Lake Development Ltd. in 1960. The map shows a north-oriented outline of Alta Lake, with the locations of Rainbow Lodge, Alta Lake Station, Hillcrest Lodge and the Pacific Great Eastern railway tracks indicated. Alta Vista neighbourhood has been enlarged and shown in greater detail.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan Interim Draft Report prepared by the Planning & Development Department and the Parks & Recreation Department. First Draft: July 29, 1992. "Betty Clark" is written in blue pen on the top right. The report lists an inventory of heritage sites.

5602 Alta Lake Road

A form filled in by Bev and Ron Kitteringham at 5602 Alta Lake Road, Lot 39. They write about how they purchased the property from the Fairhursts and their family history in the area. Also included in a different package is one page of typed notes with extensive handwritten annotations and two double sided pages of handwritten notes. The notes are from Bev and Ron Kitteringham and include numerous small anecdotes about traveling to and from Alta Lake on the train, as well how they lived before the town became more accessible.

Prints 001-003

3 photographs:

  1. Photo of a cabin with the caption "Famous 'Flaming A' 2005 Last Picture"
  2. Photo of a man and girl sitting indoors and wearing skates with the caption "Glen Mason, Jessie Richards, Cabin Alta Lake Mt. Whistler"
  3. A photo of two cabins on a waterfront with the caption "1966-2006 cabins, Mt. Whistler Lodge (Hillcrest Lodge), picture Glen Mason"