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Harrop's Point
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History of Alta Lake Road List of Dates

A printed list of dates and descriptions related to Alta Lake Road. The dates span between 1943 ad 1972 and focus on the houses and their inhabitants.

Be Loud, Act Out, Get Messy - Fall for Arts

Booklet published by Arts Whistler for their Fall 2016 program titled 'Fall for Arts'. The booklet lists arts and culture related events happening in Whistler and the surrounding area during the Fall season.

5730 Alta Lake Road

Four sheets of handwritten narrative about 5730 Alta Lake Road, also known as Whispering Leaves. The narrative talks about the successive owners of the property and how the owners came and went form the Whistler area.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan Interim Draft Report prepared by the Planning & Development Department and the Parks & Recreation Department. First Draft: July 29, 1992. "Betty Clark" is written in blue pen on the top right. The report lists an inventory of heritage sites.

Outside a cottage at Harrop's Point

  • BARR_2011_042-01-008
  • Item
  • [1935]
  • Parte de Barr Fonds

Photograph of a group on a boat outside a cottage at Harrop's Point. The people in the boat are, from left to right: George Gordon; Lena Gordon; Norman Barr, and Alison Barr. The inscription on the verso reads "Thompson".

Swimming at Harrop's Point

  • BARR_2011_042-01-006
  • Item
  • [1935-1936]
  • Parte de Barr Fonds

Photograph of people swimming in the lake in front of Harrop's Point. The inscription on the verso reads "Harrop's Point and Cottage approx 1929." The woman on the dock wearing a swimming cap is Alison Barr, the child is Norman Barr, and the man holding Norman is George Gordon. The man standing in the doorway may be Bert Harrop. Norman wasn't born until 1932, so the photograph can't have been taken in 1929 as the inscription suggests.

Barr Fonds

  • BARR_2011_042
  • Fundo
  • [1927]-1938

Photographs belonging to Ross and Alison Barr documenting their life at Parkhurst sawmill on Green Lake, Whistler. One comic poem about Parkhurst.

Harrop's Point

View of Harrop's Point across a mirror-like Alta Lake. Inscriptions on verso : "Please note the Totem Pole effect when held long ways" ; "For Mr Philip" ; "20's - Harrips Tea Room, Their Residence, and Harrop's Workshop. [Possibly Myrtle Philip's present house above Tea Rm? (this sentence crossed out)] -- no, it isn't" ; ""Nature's Totem Pole"" ; "Hold here [along right edge]"

Harrop's Tearoom and cottages

Harrop's Tearoom and cabins from across Alta Lake. Inscription on verso : "Harrop's Tea Room and cabins - site now occupied by Youth Hostel"

Bert, Agnes & Myrtle at Dryazell

(l-r) Bert and Agnes Harrop and Myrtle Philip with the Dryazell cabin in its final location after being floated across the lake from Rainbow.

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