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Lost Lake Lakes
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Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting people swimming, on the beach, tanning, on the dock, picnicing, and canoeing on Lost Lake.

Griffith, Greg

Prints 77-78

Photographs of ducks and geese at Lost Lake Park.Captions on verso:WA_2016_002_01_03_036_01: "Ducks and geese and even Black Bears share the beach and water."

Brem - Tusk 38 1973

Photographs of Tokum Corners dock, Pacific Great Eastern railway tracks in front of Tokum Corners, a 1951 Mercury panel truck, (Uncle Truck), Whistler Lodge, sailing on Alta Lake, Black Tusk, Bruce Prentice, and Lost Lake.

Week of August 9, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to soccer teams; break-dancing in Whistler Village; portraits; band playing; Sewer Plant installation; birds; Delta Hotel; election campaign; bike race; swimming in the lake and jumping off a tree; children; w...

Prints 79-80

Photographs of geese and ducks at Lost Lake Park and a child learning how to windsurf on Alta Lake with Whistler Kids Windsurfing.Captions on verso:WA_2016_002_01_03_037_02: "Posing for his souvenir picture with a W[histler] K[ids] W[indsurfi...

Week of September 6, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to Myrtle Philip School gym class; Whistler Village; canoeing; Dave Murray's team in the Great Snow Earth Water Race; windsurfing Alta Lake; car accident in the river; water aerials; baseball; The Noteabl...

2004 Negatives [3]

Photographs of the museum's opening on February 13, 2004, a tour on Blackcomb and Lost Lake on February 26, 2004, and the Whistler Chamber '6 years to go' until the 2010 Olympics cake cutting in 2004, with Rob Boyd and Claire Ogilvi...

They would rather be mountain biking

  • WA_2013_010-04-011
  • Pièce
  • 1993
  • Fait partie de Eric Wight

Article discusses the growth of mountain biking in Whistler and activities available in Whistler during the summer months also included is golf, canoeing and kayaking and hiking in the Whistler area.